Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 6

On the red circuit Dave was the only person. It sounded weird that no one else could have joined the treetop adventure course this night. Only Tyler wasn’t part of the group of friends. No other visitors… What a strange fact ! Dave tried as much as he could to finish the circuit quickly. In the darkness it wasn’t that easy. He was helped with his phone’s torch but it wasn’t easy to hold it while he was doing the activity. When he finished the circuit he took a look at his phone to see where their other friends in the group were, and also where Tyler was. It was a good way to see their location because their names where written next to each red point. Moreover, there were was the snapshot position. Dave could see that Tyler, Sumayra and Jennifer were walking or running towards Celeste’s position. He didn’t know how fast they were moving so it was hard to guess. Actually, Dave noticed that Celeste didn’t move for a long time. As they were going to take care of her, he decided to join Louis to see what happened to Chris and Pandora.

He ran straight towards Louis, Pandora and Chris’s position with a slight vision of the shapes. His phone’s torch wasn’t powerful enough to see the environment clearly. The ground was humid, it was getting colder and colder. In the forest, the temperature is always lower. Dave could feel the chill on his skin which made him have gooseflesh. Running became harder because of the cold. Nevertheless, he struggled, he wanted to help them. He saw on his phone that he was closer to Louis, but he heard a siren. An ambulance was coming, he wasn’t sure if it was for them. He freakened and ran faster. He could hear the deformation of the siren’s sound which meant it was driving and coming closer. This deformation suddenly stopped when the ambulance seemed to be parked. Dave could finally glimpse Louis, leaning back against a tree. His hands were hidding his face. While Dave was shouting « Louis ! Everything is okay ? what’s going on ? ». Louis didn’t move an inch. He was speaking to himself in a low voice. He only said « I screamed when I saw them, on the ground. I wanted to help because I thought something wrong was happening but it was too late. » Dave came closer and promptly lyed flat on the ground. He saw those two bodies, next to him, lying on the ground hopeless. Chris had his right leg broken in two parts. He had the mouth opened and covered Pandora. Dave touched Pandora and Chris’s necks and it was enough to break his heart. This couple, Chris and Pandora wasn’t alive anymore, they couldn’t breath. He was filled up with sadness. His eyes were watering. He throw himself onto Louis and cried. He bayed for blood « Why… they don’t deserve it ! It’s unfair !».

Louis hold him in his arms and remained speechless. He was still shocked. Their minds were elsewhere, they didn’t even check what happened exaclty. They were too sad to look at it.

In the deep of the forest, they could hear people from the ambulance approaching. So many torchs were on and they could see some halo of light and light effect. Rescue workers were looking at them but who called ?

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