Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 7

As Jennifer felt better, Tyler helped Jennifer and Sumayra to get off the tree. They directly went to the orange circuit to see what was going on with Celeste. She was alone and motionless for a while so they wanted to know how she was. While Tyler was leading them to Celeste’s position, Sumayra and Jennifer stopped walking. They both saw the phone on the ground. They could see that it was making light. « So freaky… » Jennifer said. Tyler and Jennifer approached the phone when Sumayra had been tackled by someone to the ground. She had arm locked and could barely breath. She didn’t had time to scream. She couldn’t see it coming because it was too fast and in the darkness it was complicated to see people. This person whispered « I’m scared, who are you ? Just don’t… don’t hurt me… I’m alone and I wanted my friend to find me and I turn on the flash light so that… ». Sumayra interrupted the talk and said « Wait.. Celeste ?? Is that you ? ». Celeste immediately released Sumayra and apologized. She was shivering, and gave Sumayra a hug. Actually Celeste was very worried. Each time she heard a noise, her heart beat faster and faster.

After a while, Celeste was reassured and felt better. They didn’t have time to take a breather, some lights were moving from left to right and it sounded like some people were looking for someone. They decided to follow those lights. Tyler, Jennifer, Celeste and Sumayra checked on the map on their phone and they looked at each other. Something was anomalous. Why did the other red points were all moving in the direction of the parking lot…

As they went along the way of the car park, they could see some shapes thanks to the bathed in light. In fact, as they were little bit far from the scene, they could see a red car and shine a light on bodies due to flashing light on the top of the car.

They were worried, even Tyler who didn’t know the group of friends. In the darkness, feelings were amplified. A simple sound, movement or something that attrack our attention could be freaky whereas it will be nothing when the sun is shinning.

As they proceeded, they could understand more. Those body in the red car were actually Chris and Pandora in the ambulance. When they arrived, the ambulance already left. As it was an emergency they quickly disappeared. Louis and Dave had their arm dangling. Still shocked about the scene. While they all were worn out look, desperated and huged each other, Tyler was apart but commiserated with their suffering. They couldn’t keep doing the activity so they decided to go back to home. The rental contract ended the following day on the afternoon. Tyler took his own car but gave his number in case he could help in the case.

On the way back to home, Dave owed some explanations because he was there when it happened. « Now you will all expect I did something but I’m convinced one of you made up this. I was sure you will have doubts but I didn’t hear anything. I only heard Louis’s scream so I understood something had happened. » Dave said. Why did Dave lyed ? He heard a noise, that was why he turned back.

Celeste stopped the car after what Dave said.

« I think we are all in a bad mood, I’m very sad it’s hard to focus on the road… I don’t want anyone to talk about the situation. It’s enough ! We will talk tomorrow. » replied Celeste.

Everyone in the car wanted to speak about it, Celeste was the only one who didn’t want to… What a strange behavior after all that happened… This accident could become a murder if people don’t hide the truth. Easy to plan, difficult to honour their commitments. We never know how people think and act. Everyone suspects everyone and it creates suspicions.

One trick question and the truth can be discovered. One clue and everything can help to solve how it happened and maybe why.

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