Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 8

Dave woke up in trouble.

He heard his dog barking. It wasn’t normal because his dog was used to his friends. It didn’t move an inch or made noises when his friends were coming. It only made noises when a stranger entered the house. It was the first time in 10 years since he lived in his house. At first it was the ring belt. Then knocking. Harder and harder. His door didn’t have eyes-cup so he walked slowly towards the door. He was shivering. He could see the door restless and it was brutal, even some objects were falling from the shelf because they were situated next to the door. Once he was near the door he heard some people taking in a hushed voice. Then someone shouted « Police, if you don’t open the door we will break it right now ! ». Dave immediately opened the door. They all entered the house to see if there were clues. They didn’t find anything but they took Dave to the police station. When they arrived Dave look embarassed. He saw the rented car and and also recognized Tyler’s. He was sure he would have to give more explanations.

Celeste called the police early in the morning because she knew it had something to do with a person from the group. She drove everyone to the police station except Dave because she was worried about him.

Dave was taken to a room with two officers, his group of friends and Tyler. They were all looking at him with narrowed eyes. The police officers said that they wanted to hear them to understand the situation better. Everything they said would be recorded. Dave started to speak « I know everyone here thinks I did something wrong but Chris was a very good friend of mine. I would never have done something bad to him and Pandora. I was the first one on the circuit and when I heard a sound I turned back and nothing appeared. » Dave gave a lot of details and sounded stressed out. He didn’t like feeling guilty. He heard Louis screamed but why would Louis be there at this moment ? The right moment… Exactly when Dave turned around he shouted. Louis added « I was there right on time, I saw everything and I’m still shocked. I had nightmare and I needed to see a doctor. I can’t leave with this terrible memory. Celeste told me to verify so I checked and now I’m suffering. I didn’t pay for that… Well I mean I’m still sad for them.» Even in a terrible situation Louis could link it to his money. Louis didn’t have comment sense. Actually, Louis could see what happened because Celeste told him something was going on. She saw on the map that the red points weren’t moving for a long time. She was worried and told Louis to verify if everything was okay. It was true Dave struggled to do the activity. Moreover Chis and Pandora chatted a while on the platform so that was why they weren’t moving. Celeste stood up and retorted « Stop it ! How dare you even imagine I’m the one who directed Louis to this accident because I knew it ?? I’m sure you will all think I did something after what Louis said ! It’s… It’s not… » The sisters (Sumayra and Jennifer) stopped the conversation so Celeste sat down and didn’t talk. They asked why Tyler helped them because he wasn’t part of the group. Tyler rolled his eyes and stated « What kind of human are you ? If I can help I do it with pleasure, it was the only thing I could have done when I saw the distress in Celeste’s eyes ! I came to help you to find out what happened, not to be blamed. I acted like this to save them, that’s all ! After helping the two sisters I came back to the orange circuit and we saw Celeste alone. So it’s the same, what the hell she was doing alone instead of joining us ?? ». Tyler was really nervous and upset. Too much tension for all of them. It was difficult to see if someone was hidding something or was telling the truth. Everyone was shifting the blame onto someone else. The cops shortened the discussion because they couldn’t spend the entire day on the case. They had other cases which were pending. Moreover, they didn’t have enough clues to be held in custody so they had to release them. Police officers couldn’t add what they knew because another case needed their attention so they had to focus on it.

Once they went out of the Police station, they all got back to their car. Tyler was the first one to enter his car and quickly went back home. After helping people he didin’t know, he was enrolled in a tragic situation.

Dave was so angry, he grited his teeth while he was looking at Celeste. He grabbed her clothes and pushed her against the car.

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