Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 9

Celeste was afraid and her back was hurting because she was pressed against the hard bodywork. She could feel the shape of the bodywork. Nobody moved because Dave was very upset so the moment wasn’t proned to to add something. Celeste said that she was worried about him and called the cops because she knew he could be violent with her and maybe wouldn’t go the the police station. That was why they came to his house and took him. She wanted to know what happened, as everyone did.

She apologized to Dave and told him she didn’t call the police to offend him but to make sure he would come.

Dave was relieved. He accepted her apologies and told her he would have gone to the police station himself without the help of the police.

They didn’t have much time to waist. They had to get back Alita’s car.

When Celeste parked the car, Alita was there in his own car park . He could see his car in its natural state. So he was happy. When they all got out of the car he quickly saw that 2 of them were missing. The two sisters said « Please, don’t ask questions, something happened to Chis and Pandora, they couldn’t be there to return your car, we can take the responsability to sign the rental contract. » Alita wanted to know more but didn’t insist, he knew it wasn’t wise to twist the knife in the wound.

He invited them to take a coffee, to release tension. They weren’t enthousiastic but they accepted. Alita was a good friend of Pandora. He said it was a terrible news for him. « What a tragic situation. I would never have thought something could happen to her. It was an amazing person, I feel really bad for her and his husband, Chris. I met her when we were young, I had 13 years old. It had been a long time I since know her so it’s painful ! I guess you don’t have more details about what happened ? » They actually had no clues, nobody know what was the circumstances of the death. After a long talk, Dave wanted to go to the toilet. Alita indicated him where it was because his house was spacious. Alita went back to the living room and talked a little bit more. After a while he didn’t know where Dave was. He called him to check if everything is okay and Dave walked slowly, he approached everyone in the living room and apologized for being late. He seemed quite embarrased. He murmured « Pandora, you didn’t deserve it » under his breath. He gazed at Alita and shouted with all his strength « What the hell do you have pictures of Pandora ?? You tore some pictures, why have you done that ? ». Alita was impressed by Dave’s tone of voice. He was offended and said « How dare you think I have something to do with this accident ! I had those pictures because it’s a good friend, and I don’t remember why but I could have been upset for something and I have torn pictures… Have you rummaged through my belongings ? ». Celeste took the pictures and calm down Dave. She stared at him because she couldn’t understand why he changed his behavior. It sounded strange to act like this. Dave pull the pictures off Celeste’s hands and put it in his pocket.

He said everyone had to follow him to the police station the next day, otherwise, he would call them.

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