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Thriller ebook about two girls who are stuck in a haunted house...are they sure if it's the house that is haunted and not one of them? they know each other very well ? ....JOHN is he helping or to find out.... *DEAR READERS!! PLS COMMENT YOUR OPINION ON THIS CHAPTER !! LOVE YOU..ENJOOOOOY!

Thriller / Horror
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Keep quiet.....shh. I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shivering. There was no light in the apartment. "Wh...o is h..he?"she whispered . I looked down at her trembling face "How the f*ck am I supposed to know that?".

Baaang! A loud sound of something falling was heard from her bedroom and before I leaned over to see what was happening. We could hear a voice. It was faint at first but then it became so loud. It sounded like a man crying his life out. The voice became louder and louder. Suddenly I started to wonder why the neighbour's wouldn't come up complaining about the noise.

I have no idea what to do..Julie had passed out in my hands..There weren't any attacks or sound for sometime. My body felt weak and scared unable to move.

The room is unbearably cold...and I can't move. I feel like I am gonna pass out ..I can't take anymore of this...

I fell on the floor where we were vision got blurred and ..and..there is something moving near the kitchen.......I can't move.

What is that! Somebody help!

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