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What is that thing? somebody

Riiiing rinngg!...its the door bell...ah,my head hurts. I look down to see julie sleeping on my lap. Her face had completely swollen up with all that crying.

Rrring..coming!...ah,my head hurts a lot. I open the door to find a young mail man in his 20s standing in front of me. His had no emotions on his face ,he handed a mail over to me.

Dear julie,

From: love

When I was almost about to open the mail I had a flashback of what had happened last night....I remembered that the thing which I had seen moving had come closer to my face last night..I fell on my knees as the electric wave of fright moved through my body.

Bri!..are you fine?..what was that last night...oh my God!..I told you right I told you!..there is definitely something wrong with this place..saying all this julie came running towards me and hugged me.

We need to report this to the police! I exclaimed as it was the only solution I could think of. What?the police?? think that they will believe us?? . I have called them over 20 times and now they don't believe me. She sighed.

Right,why don't you install CCTV cameras?. When I said that she became tensed up and nervous. She stood silent in front of me. It seemed as if she was thinking for an excuse. Her face looked pale. I am really good at understanding people's emotions and it seemed as if she was about to lie.

But,why would she lie?

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