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Eight students trapped at a strange school who have to vote other students to there deaths.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1: Fear in the hearts of many

Intro: I opened the ledar it read "You will be welcomed to Kansu Academy Miss Kiti Hora. You will have a room and food provided for you. We hope you will enjoy your time at Kansu Academy. Just below are a list of your fellow classmates the are the best of the best at their skills. Ato Mau super star artist, Himawari Rozu super star florest, Iyasu Naosu super star nurse, Hiro Yukana super star hero, Amai Byoki super star actress, Kado Sakioro super star gambler, Sumato Kashikoi super star genius. Singed Kumo-san.

I was just done getting dressed when I saw my mother walking in. She had that type of smile on her face. The one she wore so often. The one telling me that she wanted me to change close. I glanced at the mirror. Brown hair kind of frizzy tired purple eyes and a boys uniform with a over sized black jacket.

The uniform was from my last school it was a white button up shirt and black pants. The jacket was my own. My mom began talking "Honey could you were something more ... I don't know ... feminine.". She always asked this. I hated it.

I rolled my eyes "No mom I like these clothes.". She just sighed and walked out. Wasn't painted nails enough for her I look down at my nails they where painted a dark blue with some sparkles it reminds me of the night sky. They where chipping. My Dad came in "I'm going to miss you Kiti." he said. I smiled "I will miss you too Dad.".

And I headed out. I look up at the large looming gates of Kansu Academy and I walked in. A bought of nasa hit me. But that was not unusual. So I kept walking I stumbled and hit the ground. My vision went blurry and everything went black.

I woke up with a pair of orange eyes looking down on me. I jumped up the guy who looked my age ginger hair orange eyes he was wearing a school uniform. "Oh your awake."he said. "I'm Kado Sakioro.". "So your the super star gambler?". He smiled "The one and only.".

I nod. "I'm Kiti Hora the super star writer.". "So what are we doing here?" he asked. A T.V. turned on behind us causing me to jump. A woman I mean she resembled a woman long black hair red eyes pale white skin and most unnerving black spider legs coming out of her back. The woman began talking "Welcome students I am Kumo-san your headmaster! Now my school only excepts the best of the best! And you all are the best of the best! But I want to have some fun with you all!". Sakioro glanced at me "What did she mean by that?". I ignored him and focused on Kumo-san. "And my idea of fun is much diffrent than your idea of fun! So you all are going to vote one student a week to their deaths! And if you refuse that counts as a vote for your self! "You will use cards look I even have one of me!" she said. The card had he face on it and below that it said kumo-san. "Only one of you will leave alive! Well bye for now!". The T.V. switched off abruptly. Sakioro's eyes where shaking. A click pierced the dead silent room. "What was that." I asked.

Sakioro took a glace around the room. "It may have been the door lock the door was locked when I woke up." he said. Sakioro twisted the door handle it opened. We stepped out into the hallway two girls faced us just as surprised as we where. "Who are you two?" Sakioro asked. Both girls where blonde one had blue eyes the other had dark brown. They both wore the same pink uniform. The blue eyed girl had her hair in pigtails. The other had her hair in a side braid.

The blue eyed one began to speak "I'm Ato Mau super star artist.". The dark brown eyed one spoke up in a shaky voice "I-I am Himawari Rozu super star florest.". Sakioro began talking before I could "I am Kado Sakioro super star gambler and she is Kiti Hora super star writer.". Before anything else could be said the intercom blared "All students gather at the gym.". When we got there, there was Kumo-san standing at a pillar and four students siting around two boys and two girls. Kumo-san sighed. "You guys are finally here!" Kumo-san said. The four we didn't know introduced themselves. The two guys where Hiro Yukana the super star hero and Sumato Kashikoi the super star genius. The girls where Iaysu Naosu the super star nurse and Amai Byoki super star actress. When we where all introduced Kumo-san began speaking. "So let me restate the rules to our little game every week we will have a vote!

But we will also have a little game! And if you win you will get immunity so you cant be voted out that week!". Everyone seemed to perk up at that fact. Kumo-san yelled "So let our little game began!".

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