Fatal kisses

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Chapter 2

I stared at Emily who was talking to a police officer. After seeing that body and confirming that it was dad when they pulled him down, I haven't been able to breath right. It's all happening again. The thing with Zoey, but it wasn't Zoey all along was it? How could she be doing all this if she was dead? I saw Justin and Brice come running out of the car. Brice stopped and hugged Emily then came running towards me.

"Josie, are you okay?" They both asked at the same time. I just stared right through them. I can't do this again, especially because...

"Josie?" I finally looked at Justin and broke out in tears.

"Oh baby. I'm so sorry." He says, hugging me. Concern flooded through Brice's face as Emily came up behind him and rubbed his shoulder.

"I'm just glad the three of you are okay." Brice says to Emily, bending down to kiss her stomach. I watched the two of them and rubbed my stomach.

"Josie, what are you doing?" Justin asked me, looking at my hand that continued to rub soft circles around my belly.

"Justin i'm.." A short cop with no hair came up to us and smiled.

"Which one of you are Josie?" I walked forward, thankful for the interruption.

"I am."

"Uh, this man was your father?" He asked, blushing for some weird reason.

"Our father." I corrected him, pointing to Emily too. He glanced at her and turned his attention back to me.

"Okay well, I'm going to need you to sign some paperwork. Can you do that?" Justin gripped my arm, probably going to tell him off but I pushed him away.


"Okay, come with me." I followed him to his car and he handed me a stack of paper.

"Get this to me as soon as you can. Just come by and ask for Officer Hendrick."

"Okay." I watched as he nodded his hat at me and drove off. I felt Justin's hands on the small of my back and he looked down at my stomach with suspension.

"Let's go home." Brice and Emily got in my car and I got into the car with Justin.

I pulled out my phone, seeing RIP and pictures of my dad everywhere from people he knew and worked with. I threw my phone onto the chair by the bed and groaned. Justin slid in the covers and looked at me.
"Are you okay?"
"That's a really stupid question to ask me right now." I said, rolling over and turning off my lamp.
"Yea, sorry. Hey, what was that earlier?"
"What?" I asked.
"The whole stomach rubbing thing." I sighed and opened my drawer, pulling out a small white stick. I handed it to him and he gasped.
"Josie, you're...
"Yea. I'm pregnant."
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