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Many of them write stories. What would you do if you know someone in stealing your story which is precious to you? Aravind a man from middle class family fights for his justice to make everyone that the stories where written by him. The man who stole was clever as it was tough to find who stole the story. Lets see what happens and who stole the stories

Thriller / Drama
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Strange Things

It was a big moment in the court waiting for the judgement. This one was a big cheating case who stole another ones story and made success in movies. The cheated person name is Aravind.
It all started in India, 1997 when Aravind was born in a middle class family. He was man of full of fears, who cannot even talk to his relatives to talk something. The man thought himself that his life was cursed and had won nothing even in sports. His studies where average with a good knowledge.
Aravind was so determined to win something in his life. Though he got no talents to win anything. But he is man with full of imagination. He can write good stories with his imagination. He started writing story at the age of 10. At 10, the stories where good for the kids. But as he grows the stories were good for all. He will write his stories in his story book. He thought of becoming a director. At the age of 18, in 2015, he joined a college for studying visual communication to become a director.
One day he got hurt by fire in his right hand and he was not in a position to write stories. Though he got another idea. He wanted to type it in his Personal Computer and save the document in google drive. As he saved his first story in google drive. He wrote the story for his first direction. After writing it he wrote the second one next year.
But one day he saw trailer of a movie which was similar to his story. He compelled his friends to go to theater for the movie and he got success in it. When he gone and saw the movie it was not similar to his story but it was his story itself . He got surprised. When his friends saw it they started to tease him in a friendly manner whether he stole the story. But they didn't took it seriously.
By having this in mind, he started to write another story differently which was never appeared in films. The movie of his first story was a success and it was a blockbuster hit. When he saw the writer's name it was named Kiran. He left the thing as coincidence and didn't took much care for it. But year by year including the first story, three stories where taken as movie. He was confused and writer name in other two movies also was different.
The things where appearing strange to him. With this confusing mind, he started another story. Thinking from deep inside the man, one year later he finished the story. He wrote it in a book at first. But for to mail to the producers he stored again as PDF in google drive. He searched for a producer who was best to produce. But there came a problem.....

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