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Invisible Mind

When Aravind gone there the producer liked the story very much and accepted to produce more money. Aravind was happy for it but when the movie was taken fully. The trailer of the movie was released. There started a problem. The movie was claimed to copyright violation and was stopped not to release. The reason for copyright claim was that there was a movie taken in the same year with same story.

Aravind don't know what to do. He wrote the stories of his own idea. Then how could it appear in cinema before he took. In the court there was a big argument in court. But the proof where in the side of the opposition party. No one believed Aravind and he became alone after the judgement. The proof where given in side of opposition party because Aravind told the story to the producer the next day of the person who said it first. Aravind was late and the person who stole the story also mentioned to the director that he told the story to his best friend Aravind before saying to the director.

But the bitter truth is the writer of the opposition party was not there. The director reasoned that the man didn't give his number and address. No mails, not any other information about it. But he came to the director and stayed till the shooting ended. He went on going home after getting his money for the story. Then no contact with him. He was untraceable and changes his name for each movie. Aravind understood that he is doing this for money and not for publicity.

Now Aravind lost everything including his producer. He got a bad name in the society and was warned by the court and both the movies where stopped since the timing for saying the movie where nearly the same. So both the parties where fined. The movie was a big loss. Since the movie was over but no release. Aravind was not even believed by his parents. He was forced to join a work in IT company. He tried to see other producers for other stories but the producers where steady of their mind for not accepting his story, because he was the one who struck in that case. The other one escaped.

He joined in the company where his friend joined. He said the truth what happened to his friend and he is the one who believed. He asked then how the thief escaped. Aravind said he had a invisible mind and Aravind is going to show his invisible mind.

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