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Who is it?

When they were talking, there came a talk of a friend who was a hacker. Aravind asked his number and called him. The persons name is Maheshwaran . He was a close friend to him once. But now no talk between them due to some ego problem. He called him first and asked about his health and all. He said fine and other things. They talked as they for the ego problem.
While talking Aravind said about the problem and he said that he thought it maybe due to he saved in google drive. But Maheshwaran refused it. He said someone may saw it in his device or the last three stories maybe from his books. Someone may have read or it may be his friend who he says all his stories at first. For hacking his google account he must know his google account name. Aravind said thanks and said he will call back if he need an help.
He don't know what to do next. He just want to take his bad name back. He started to find who is it the next day itself. He gone to visit the producers who took the movies of his stories. He took another story and visited for saying it and keeping it as reason he asked about the man and requested very much to understand that it was his story. They said his out figure. He was shorter, more beard and was wearing a court suit and was wearing a lens. The other directors too said the same.
After knowing his appearance, he was in hope that he can find him. But he thought how it is possible to find him just by appearance. He also got another idea. He thought of putting another story in the google drive only and not to write it in notebook. He uploaded the story. Searched in all websites about new movie updates and directors after few days. It's because Aravind know that he is not going to the same director again. He also didn't searched in google. He searched it in his brother's phone.
After two months he got updates about new movies. He was in a decision not to leave them to release the movie. He got a name of a movie which mentions a scene in his story. So he first visited the shooting spot and it was not his story. Then he visited the others. He visited specific movies, which excludes the previous directors and producers. And movies relating his story in picture and title. At last he found the movie. He visited with his friend and there was more crowd. They have to jump and see. His friend was very height. He saw him and said Aravind. Aravind asked who is it?......

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