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Where is he?

When they saw there it was the man with same appearance. Aravind and his friends waited for the man to come alone and kidnap him. As they thought the man came alone to go to restroom and they kidnapped him. When the man opened his eyes he was in a house. They were sitting in front of him.

The man shouted and Aravind's friend Ram said that it is not worth to shout and no one will hear there. He first asked the name of the man. The man said his name as Suresh. He asked ,"What have you done? I am a writer of a movie. You kidnapped and director is gonna search me. He will give complaint to police and they will come for you." Aravind and Ram laughed at seeing him and the man was confused.

Aravind explained that they might also thought he had ran from the shooting spot. He explained what he done there. He said he put a letter in the shooting spot which was written," Sir, thank you for believing me. But I am not true to you. I am saying this truth because the owner of the story Aravind is here. He is here with half shaved and short cutting. He also were a chain which has photo of his family. The story truly was written by Aravind. I am sorry for your inconvenience. I will not stay here and run away from this place. Give credits to Mr. Aravind."

Aravind stayed in the shooting spot after Suresh was kidnapped and Ram was with Suresh. He got a good name from the director. Aravind was chosen as the writer of the movie and he now wants the justice. But Suresh laughed after hearing it. Suresh said that there was no connection between his story and Suresh. He said that someone gives him the story in a text document directly from the computer and he will transfer twenty percent of the money to the bank account that he got from movie. All these happens in a mail. One day Suresh got a mail for a job. That mail is for this job.

They both asked the name of the person to Suresh. He said he don't know but his mail name is para8921. He also mentioned that he didn't saw him. But he know that he is going to give this story in Bollywood and going to get a big cash. Then he said to leave him, he will tell all the truth in the court. For his justice, Aravind found a lawyer and put this case in the court. As said Suresh said all the truth and the judge asked about the main thief, where is he?....

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