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The Untold Truth

Suresh said he don’t know about him and it was a big moment in the court waiting for the judgement. The judgement came and Aravind was not a criminal anymore and he was happy. He thanked Suresh and the police was ordered to find the man. With the email they can find him in seconds but it was a fake email id and the locations where not in India.

He left all other things and was happy. After a few months he started to make another film and everybody believed him. He said about this news about his hacker friend Ranga after the judgement itself. He was shocked and asked when, how, why? Aravind explained all and we talked for few minutes and from that time till now we had no talk. I didn't saved my new stories in google drive after that incident.

One day on shooting the first movie, his friend Ram came there and asked why he is not bothered about the real thief. Aravind said it is enough for him and he asked whether they are close friends. Ram said that he was close all the time and he had never told any of his secrets outside. Aravind said," if that so then I will say."

He said that it was none other than his friend Ranga. Ram was shocked . He asked how he says it was him. Aravind started saying the following," We got ego problem in getting more money when we grew and he said that he will get more money in hacking. I said in direction and not to go to hacker because I don't like it and thought it was dangerous. He thought I am not thinking him to become a rich man trying to stop me. He thought I am a selfish. But when he joined he can hack only some of them including the google accounts that to if he knows. I gave him my account which I am continuing for more than six years.

When he called me he was happy and no shock for it. He also refused that it may not be due to google accounts. I got a doubt there. And then when the man said the account para8921, I know it was him. In young age, I saw his notebook and his hacking name was para. It was from the word parabellum meaning prepare for war. But to confirm it I called him after judgement and he was not happy but was so tensed. He asked more questions like How, When.... So I talked few more about this and made him to say the truth. He requested very, asked sorry and said not to say anyone that he will do anything to me."

Ram said you are a good friend, you didn't said to anyone he had done this and asked what Aravind asked asked to do for him. Aravind replied that he want him to not to disturb him anymore. Ram smiled and said that Aravind was really a clever man who found the invisible mind, whom even the police can't find. Ram said that he know Aravind found found since you were cool. He said Aravind got a good future and it was the truth which he should not say to anyone, the untold truth......

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