The Haunted Factory : Chapter 1,

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Haunted factory!

Thriller / Horror
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Haunted Factory chapter 1

It was a misty foggy night down at the abandoned factory. I t was haunted. People lost souls moving around inside. The souls of the workers died in a accident or it was planned murder they making it look like a accident. Where no one reported it female ghost also fall down a elevator shaft it was a paper mill.arm getting cut off, and bleeding to death one walking around without a head. We drove down to Southern Georgia only happen at night on foggy nights this factory was still milling for 40 years with as many as 20 unknowen deaths no one to get information about the factory may be someone in town at the museum.we don't know The museum coordinator give me the information, Samantha went to the library they had the factory fence with lock we had to find someone to let us in that we could resarch the factory we went to find the mayor to find out who had the key. The city had a key couldn't find anything at daytime ! So they had city man going with us don't know if he will go inside , being their untested souls. He came in for a short time than went back out Samantha and I set up recording equipment there ghost meter and a light to find blood .It got dark we use night vision camera videos we seen them moving around the factory doing their jobs as nothing happen. But there was talking amost them we have recording and videos. We were just like the professional Ghost Hunters on TV. We left the factory lock up the gate city man went home we went to hotel. To research our videos and recordings .

The End

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith
June 19, 2020

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