The Underground

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This is a work about a world on a race against time to save itself from destruction, six foreign investigators have to work together to save the world from doom using their wit, bravery and weapons. Join me in the journey against time

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

They call them the underground, a group of terrorist prepared to push the world into a raging inferno of chaos, after striking chaos into the heart of the world by planning a terrorist strike against the Black House. A looming darkness stuck in time like a fairy tale gone awry, a evil society that guards dark secrets covered up with conspiracies, diamond and black rubies. They are known as the underground.

The people who were terrorists were majorly Kruslems. Their leader is a very skilled assassin who had climbed out of an ocean of dead bodies and is bathed in blood, he is also well versed in the book of laws, he's has sponsors who would like to fish in the troubled Waters of the world through the chaos he is causing and those set of people were the hands behind the shadow. They are called The Cabal.

The Federal Bureau of Detectives had been in touch with the Federal Aviation Authority that there's been an influx in the number of Kruslems immigrants who vanished without a trace after entering the country and this has been a source of concern for the Federal Bureau of Detectives director Muhikit cause for worry and she set up a team of investigators to look into it, a few days later one of the investigators was found dead.

Name- Riley Ward

Cause of death- Suicide.

One of the investigator who is named Damian has been best buddies with Riley noticed that while they were going round the crime scene that Riley had fixed the rope with his left hand and knowing his late friend, he started smelling a rat but didn't dare to speak out cause he knew he could trust nobody, the agency then announced Riley's death as suicide since the Underground hasn't popped up on their radar but their ranks had been infiltrated by the Underground who were planning meticulously. But they weren't aware that someone was already pulling the curtain of their entry into the public world.

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