What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 10


30 years later...

Violet paid a lot of money to have hers and Elijah’s sentences shorter. Especially since she was going to be in prison for life.

James, Lucas, Noah, and Evelyn cut all ties with Elijah and Violet after they got out of jail two years after the trial.

Violet sold her house and got over a million dollars for it. So she bought a mansion in Canada for her and Elijah. Today was a special day for Violet and Elijah, other than their wedding day which was two years ago. Today was their son’s, Dalton's birthday. He was turning six today.

Violet dressed in a lace tie back crop cami top and floral shorts. She put on her sandals and went out to her backyard. All her son’s birthday decorations were everywhere. It was the Paw Patrol theme since that’s his favorite show.

Violet felt hands behind her grab her waist but she knew it was Elijah. “Where’s Dalton?” Violet asked and dropped her head on his shoulder behind her.

“In his room getting ready. Come on.” Elijah grabbed her hand and led her around the house to the front yard. In there huge, long driveway, a truck dove in, and a man came out. They went to the back of the truck and the man pulled out a huge Paw Patrol themed toy car, that Dalton can drive like an actual car.

“Wow.” Violet said smiling at the car.

“He’s definitely going drive that around our house.” Elijah chuckled.

“Yep. Let’s move it to the backyard.” Violet said and started to walk to the back holding Elijah’s hand. The man sat the toy car on the platform with other wrapped presents surrounding it. Violet checked the time and saw it was almost time for the guest to arrive. Dalton’s friends from school and Violet’s and Elijah’s coworkers were invited. Dalton took after his mother’s smile and popularity in school.

“Let’s go get Dalton, Vi.” Elijah said beaming at Violet. Violet nodded and let Elijah lead her to their son’s bedroom.

“Dalton?” Violet said grinning when they entered his room. Dalton came out of his bathroom and gave them a million-dollar smile. Dalton got his father’s hair, which is raven black. He has blue-green eyes from his mother. But, Dalton somehow has small freckles decorating his nose and cheekbones. Violet used to frown whenever she saw the freckles since her little sister and mother had them. It brought up bad for her.

“Hey, mom and dad.” Dalton said excitedly.

“Hey, son. Come on. Everything is set up outside.” Elijah said and took Dalton’s hand. They all walked outside and saw the guest had already arrived.

Dalton beamed at the crowd of people and went straight to the bouncy house. Violet went straight to her boss.

“Good evening, Mr. Langley. Thank you for coming.” Violet said breaking their hug.

“Of course. I would not miss for anything. Your house is amazing.” He said looking back at the house.

“Thanks. I couldn’t stay in South Carolina. As you well know.” Violet said and sighed at the memory. Violet quickly realized high school was nothing like a prison. It was way worse. In fact, it was complete hell. Violet learned that just a pretty smile would not make you popular in prison-like her high school experience.

“I know. I’m glad you landed on your feet here.” He said and rubbed her back.

“Yeah. Me too.” Violet looked over and saw the rest of their guest has arrived. “Oh! I have to make an announcement now.” Violet smiled at her boss and went to the platform stage. She tapped the microphone gathering their attention.

“Hi, everyone. I first want to thank everyone for making it. It means a lot. After we eat and cut the Paw Patrol cake, we will open presents and dance!” Violet beamed at everyone. They all clapped as Violet stepped down from the platform and walked over to the buffet.

“Mrs. Lucas.”

Violet turned around with a grin, though, that huge grin went away when she saw who it is. Anger that she’s hidden for the past 30 years resurfaced. Memories that she keeps trying to forget was thrown back in her face, literally. Her sadist feelings came back and made her want to kill again. She doesn’t think she keeps it down this time.

“Well, look how finally came out of the shadows.” Violet growled glaring at her, as she stared in the women’s green eyes.

“I was never in the shadows, Violet. I was waiting.” Saray said smirking.

“I had a feeling you weren’t dead. Why are you just now showing up? Why my son’s birthday?” Violet snarled as she stepped to Saray. She just shuffled Violet’s hair as if she was a child. Violet snatched her hand away and growled at Saray. “I asked you a fucking question?”

“Now, now, let’s not cause a scene at your son’s birthday party? Speaking of Dalton, does he know what you did? Does he know how crazy his mother is? Oh! I wonder if he takes after you and wants to murder people. I bet you’d be proud.” Saray whispered.

Violet was fine until she said that. She was okay until she brought up her son. Violet really thought she gave up her murder tendencies. Then, she thought of something she said years ago. Something she still wants an answer to.

‘What’s wrong with being evil?’

As that thought ran past her mind, Violet smirked evilly at Saray before grabbing her hair and discreetly dragging her inside the house behind closed doors.

She continued to drag her ignoring her kicks and screams to let go. Violet tossed her in their cleaning closet and smiled down at her. “We’ll deal with you later.”

Violet shut the door and locked it before going back tot eh party like nothing happened. “Hey, where were you?” Elijah asked putting his hand on the lower back.

“Nowhere. Just taking out the trash.” Violet said smiling innocently up at him. He nodded and walked to the buffet table and sat with the others.

They cut the cake and the maids made sure everyone got a slice and enough to eat. After, they all watched Dalton open up presents. When the party was over and everyone said their goodbyes, Violet and Elijah tucked Dalton in bed and went to their rooms.

After showering, Elijah and Violet got in bed. Once Violet saw her husband was asleep, she crawled out of bed and went to the cleaning closet downstairs.

“Well, don’t you look nice.” Violet said looking down at Saray. She was sprawled on the floor with tears in her eyes. Violet sighed and dragged Saray down to the basement with her hand over mouth muffling her cries. “You fucked with the wrong one, Saray.”

Violet threw her on the basement floor and stomped on her stomach while smiling. “Let me go! I’ll leave and I won’t come back! Just let me go!” Saray screamed, little did she know, her screams only urged Violet to kill her more. Violet always loves a fighter.

“Please, continue to scream.”

Violet stomped on her ribcage and sighed in relief when she heard the sound of bones cracking and Saray’s screams of agony. “Let me leave!” Saray’s voiced crack as she held her side.

“No. Now scream.” Violet knelt down and sent a punch directly where Saray’s heart is. She screamed and began to choke on her own blood. Violet made sure to stare in her eyes as she died.

And she did. Violet shrugged and left the basement making sure to lock the door behind her.

She began to walk back to her husband as she thought, “Maybe I should make that a regular.” She said to herself as she slowly walked up the stairs. She made sure to check if Dalton was sleeping before laying back with Elijah.

The next morning was like every other, Violet cooked breakfast while Elijah sat at the table with a cup of coffee and his laptop. Dalton came downstairs and sat with his father on his phone.

“Good morning.” Violet greeted placing both of their plates in front of them.

“Hi, mom.” Dalton dug in his food.

“Good morning, Vi.” Elijah said still typing on his laptop. Violet sat with them and ate.

After breakfast, Violet kissed them both goodbye and went down to the basement when they left. She smiled maliciously at Saray’s dead body. “I guess I will make this a regular. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of killing.” Violet said twirling the ends of the dead body’s hair kneeling down.

Violet spent the rest of the day lining the walls in the basement with thick red sheets in case blood spatters on the wall while playing music. She stocked the basement bathroom with bleach and other cleaning supplies. She put multiple lighters in the corner to burn the bodies and evidence. Violet also, hid knives and guns in the basement. She didn’t have to worry about sounds, the basement has soundproof walls.

Violet put multiple keys to the basement in hidden spots around the house, along with adding more locks to the door. She knew she was all set for what she called a Murder Room.

Violet spent the past few years seducing both women and men in that basement and killing them behind Elijah’s and Dalton’s back. She found it fun and entertaining. Violet is well aware that what she is doing is completely is insane and sadist. But, Violet doesn’t care. She likes the feeling of when she takes life from another. It brings her comfort, taking people away from other people, just as her family was taken from her.

So, every time she kills someone, she asks herself...

What’s Wrong with Being Evil?

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