What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 2

After a gym class, it was time for lunch. Violet carried her tray to an empty table. A few moments later and the table was packed with teenagers talking.

While giggling at something Amari said, Violet glanced up and saw the same man watching her while leaned on a wall from afar. Even from here, she could see his smirk as he watched her and her friends.

Violet couldn’t help but wonder how long he had been watching her. But, she didn’t want to scare her friends, so she listened to them with a small smile. Although anytime she glanced over their heads, she saw the man watching her.

A little while later, she put her tray away and walked towards the exit with her friends. “So Vi, what do you think?” Amari said while walking beside Violet.

“I’m sorry, Am. What were you saying?” Violet said with a sorry smile.

“What do you think about party Caleb is throwing?”

“Oh, um. I don’t know, I think I’m just going to study tonight.” Violet said with a small shrug.

“But Vi, you always come to his parties. I promise you’ll have fun. All the seniors are going.”

“Of course I’ll come.” Violet said. Honestly, Violet really didn’t want to go. But, she knows she has to. Maybe the party will help her feel better. Violet knows there is a small chance the man will be there.

“Great! I’ll see you there!” Amari said happily before retreating in her classroom. Violet exhaled and shook her head slightly before putting her bright smile back on.

She continued to walk down the hall to her French class with teens following her but stopping when they reach their class. “Hey, Vi! Wait up!” Someone said behind her.

Violet turned around, flipping her auburn Ombre hair with a grin. “Hey, Caleb.”

“Hey, Vi. You're coming to my party, right?” He asked smiling brightly at her. Caleb was a little taller than Violet. He had dark skin and amazing dark brown eyes with a small amount of bronze.

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. When is it?”

“Great. It’s tonight. I’ll see you there.” He said and went back to the direction he came. Violet stared the way he left for a few moments before continuing to her class.

Violet was deep in her closet searching for something to wear. She felt something soft brush against her ankle.

“Hey, Archie.” She said and picked up with a cat. Archie had different shades of orange stripes. But, his main color was bright orange and blue-green eyes. Violet always said he looks like the cat version of her with his eyes and hair color.

Archie softly meowed in response and got comfortable in her arms. “What am I going to wear?” She said with a sad smile while petting the cat.

He surprised her by jumping out of her arms and running somewhere in the closet. She followed him with a curious smile before grinning.

He meowed loudly while looking up at a dress. It was a red satin bodycon cami dress. Violet thanked Archi before hopping in the shower.

She applied her makeup and curled her hair back in an Ombre. Violet put on the dress along with gold ankle strap heels with her long gold purse.

Violet left her room and walk to the door. “Where are you going?” Stellan asked and looked at her outfit in disapproval.

“A party my friend is throwing, dad.” Violet answered and smiled at her dad.

“Oh, have fun.” Stellan said and walked to the living room.

“Oh, no! Great parenting Stellan!” Julia yelled at her husband while walking in the room. He looked at her confused before shrugging. Julia rolled her eyes and looked at Violet’s outfit in more disproval then her father.

“No, no, no, no! Get up there and change!” Julia said pointing at the stairs.

Violet just smiled at her mom. “It’s fine, mom. I’m not going to drink or anything, promise. I’ll see you later. Bye, dad.”

“Bye, princess.”

Violet gave one more smile at them before leaving the house. Julia just huffed before leaving.

Violet got in her car and drove to Caleb’s mansion. The sound of loud music flooded her ears as she turned on his street. Violet could see all the people from here.

Violet squeezed through people to get into the house. She was sad to see she was just met with another crowd of teens. Violet forced herself to smile and walk to the kitchen. It was a little less crowded.

Violet made sure to stay away from any acholic drinks. She promised her mother she wouldn’t drink, she plans to keep it.

“Vi!” She hears a huge group of people yell.

She looked over and saw a huge amount of drunk people making there way in the kitchen. Violet made a mental note to drive most of the home.

“Hey!” Violet said over the music.

They started talking to her at the same time. She tried to listen and answer to everyone, she doesn’t want to hurt them by not listening.

“Here! Drink!” Amari said and shoved a red plastic cup in her hands.

“Nah. I promised my mom I wouldn’t.” Violet said and sat the cup down. Amari just shrugged and downed her own drink.

Violet giggled, but stopped when she has had a feeling she being watched. She just shrugged it off thinking it was one of her many friends.

Until she saw the same smirk she’s been seeing for the last few days. Panic flooded threw her when he started walking over to her. Violet looked back at Amari for help but she was already gone.

“Shoot.” Violet murmured before looking back at where he is. He was gone.

She exhaled in relief.

But fear took over that relief when she felt someone behind her. Violet whipped her head around and frowned when she saw the same guy looking down at her.

“What do you want?!” She cried out. No one heard her over the loud music and talking.

“Nothing, really. I’m just bored.” He said and picked up the red cup that she put on the counter.

“So you’re stalking me because you’re bored? Idiot.” She said and snatched the red cup. Violet downed the drink and scrunched her nose when she felt the burn in the back of her throat.

Violet Camira does not insult people.

“Yeah, I guess it doesn’t really make sense.” He said and slumped on the counter. Violet sighed and slumped beside him. Their shoulders touched but neither of them moved.

“What’s your name?” She asked and twirled the cup in her hand.

“Elijah. But my friends call me Eli.”

“Well Eli, my friends call me Vi.”

“So the entire school is your friend, Vi?” He joked and smiled at her. She giggled at him and sighed.

“Not the entire school. I don’t have that many friends.” She said and shrugged.

“On the contrary, you do, Vi. I’ve been watching you. Listening to what people say about you. They love you.”

Violet chuckled, “Yeah, I’m popular in school. But they don’t love me. They just love the idea of me.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” She said and smiled goofily at her new friend.

“Vi, ‘sure’ always mean you’re wrong, but I don’t want to fight you on the subject.” He said smugly.

“No! Sometimes ‘sure’ can mean yes!” She argued.


“I hate you.” She said softly while looking away.

“I love you too.” He said and smugly looked at her. She playfully rolled her eyes and sighed.

“So, are you going to keep stalking me, Eli?” Violet asked looking down at the red cup. She was disappointed in herself that she didn’t keep her promise.

“You could always stalk me back.” He joked. Violet laughed and sat upon the counter. Elijah immediately joined her up there.

“Maybe I will. What school do you go to?”

“Wow! I was kidding, but damn.” He said and chuckled. Violet joined him and shrugged.

“I guess I’ll find out myself. It’s fine. Can I ask you something though?” Violet said and looked up at him.


“Why did you kill my principal?” She asked sadly. He softly smiled before huffing.

“Want another drink?” He asked dismissing her question. She understood and nodded. He jumped off and offered his hand with a smirked. She grinned and gladly took it.

Elijah led her past all the people dancing to the keg stand. Violet smiled at him as he made her a drink and handed it to her.

“Thank you.” She said and took the drink. But she stopped remembering the promise she made to her mom, Elijah noticed her pause and couldn’t help but worry.

“What’s wrong?”

She looked up at him and didn’t notice that she wasn’t smiling anymore. “Oh, it’s just I promised my mom that I wouldn’t drink.”

He chuckled. “Aren’t you 18?”

She shook her head no. “I’m 17. I’ll turn 18 in a month.” Violet looked down at the drink before looking up at him confused. “Are you 18?”

He nodded and shrugged one shoulder. I smiled at him and looked back at the cup.

“You don’t have to,”

Elijah froze when Violet chugged the whole cup. When she finished she twisted her face and slightly shook her head. They grinned at each other before taking another drink.

They both drank it quickly together and started to inexplicably laugh. He took her hand dragged her to where people were dancing.

They danced together in perfect harmony, still laughing for no apparent reason. Violet downed another drink, ignoring his eyes on her.

“You’re drunk.” He commented and looked at her amused.

“I’m not drunk! I promised my mommy I wouldn’t get drunk!” She slurred her words and continued to drink until the cup was empty. When it was, she slammed the cup on the ground and frowned at him. “I want another one.” Violet pouted.

“No, Vi. Let me drive you home.” Elijah said. Violet nodded and hung her head low. She suddenly felt like she was floating in the air.

When she opened her eyes, Violet realized Elijah was carrying her. She smiled to herself and leaned her head on his chest and fell asleep.

Elijah smiled down at her when he realized that Violet was sleep. He laid her in the back of her car. Elijah looked at her confused when she muttered incoherent words. He leaned closer and listened to what she said.

“This smiling shit is getting annoying. I’m tired of it.”

Violet Camira doesn’t swear.

Elijah looked at her with so much sympathy. He realized that she puts on an act. The way she walks around school with the biggest grin. The way she’s always happy. The way she’s never felt sad or heartbreak.

There is a dying girl behind the smile she shows.

“Then stop,” Elijah said softly. Violet slowly opened her eyes, sat up, and turned to him.

“I can’t.” She said tearfully. Elijah climbed in the backseat with her and cradled her in his arms.

Elijah carried Violet inside her house. They sighed in relief when they realized her family was asleep.

Violet told him where her room was and he laid her on her bed. “Thank you.” She murmured with her eyes closed.

“No problem. I’ll see you tomorrow...oh! Vi?” He said and stopped when he wanted to ask her something.

“Yes?” She said with her eyes still closed.

“Don’t fake a smile for those who love you. If you're sad show them. Don’t give a shit about their feelings of guilt. If you need a shoulder to cry on...I’m always here.”

Violet finally opened her eyes and looked down at him. She nodded with a small smile. “I’ll see you at school.” He said and left her room.

Violet groaned and held her head in her hands. She felt a weight beside her. She grinned when she saw Archie peacefully with a little purr.

“Archie, my head hurts.” Violet said and pulled Archie on her stomach.

Violet sat up and went to the bathroom. She showered and put on her satin robe before searching through her clothes.

There was a knock on her door. Violet made sure her robe covered everything before saying come in.

“Hey, Vi!” Stella said and jumped on Violet’s bed. She laid there and watched Violet.

“Hey, little sis. How was school?” Violet asked and went back to her closet.

“It was okay. How was the party?”

“How do you know about the party?” Violet said happily while going through her drawer searching for a skirt.

“Dad told me when I asked where you were.” Stella said twirling a piece of her dark brown hair. Stella looks a lot like their mom than dad. They both have light blue eyes and just a few freckles on their nose and cheekbone. But, Stella does have their dad’s hair color.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t tell you.” Violet said and laid a pink tank top with a pink and black plaid skirt beside Stella on the bed. “Leave so I can change. I’ll drive you to school after breakfast, ok?” Violet said and grinned at her little sister.

“Yay! I’ll see you later.” Stella said and ran out of the room. Violet put on the outfit and put on lighter makeup than she usually does. She put on her pink pumps and left with her bookbag.

When Violet entered the kitchen, she saw her dad sitting at the table with a cup of coffee on his laptop. Stella was sitting with him while eating breakfast. Julia was flipping a pancake.

“Hey, fam.” Violet said and sat with Stella and her dad at the table.

“Hey princess, comment était la fête?" Stellan said and took a sip of his coffee. That was French for 'how was the party?'

"It was good, dad." Violet said and guilt crept up on her as she remembers last night. That guilt grew as her mother asked a question.

"Did you drink?"

"No. I promised I wouldn't." Violet lied as she scrolled through her phone.

"Good. Thank you." Julia said and handed Violet her plate with a smile. Violet smiled at her and took the plate.

Then she remembered the words Elijah said to her.

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