What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 3

Violet said bye to her sister after dropping her off at her school. She drove to her school and the first thing she saw was Elijah waiting for her.

“What are you doing here, Eli?!” Violet said happily while walking over to him. He put his arm around her shoulder and walked with her.

“My school is out for another two weeks. I have plenty of time to be with you, babe.” He said smiled down at her. She giggled and leaned on him as he walked her to class.

“I’m not your babe. But, when my school is out, I will track down where you go to school and stalk you.” She said and shrugged.

“Your such a weirdo.” He said and looked the other way. She gasped and punched his side.

“Says the guy that has been watching me for a week!”

He groaned and held his stomach. “How are you so strong?!”

As he said that, a crowd of kids walked over to them. “Hey, guys!” Violet said grinning at them.

“Hey, Vi. Who’s this?” Amari said they all looked at Elijah curiously.

“This is,” Violet began to answer but Elijah cut in.

“Elijah, her boyfriend.”

Violet’s head snapped to him and looked at him confused. He shrugged with a smirk. Violet huffed and turned back to her friends.

Everyone’s jaws dropped as they looked between Elijah and Violet. Caleb came walking over and looked at Elijah confused. “Hey, Vi? Who's this?”

“Her boyfriend.” Elijah said smugly.

“He’s not my boyfriend, guys. He’s my friend.” She said looking at all of them. They sighed in relief.

“Oh, cool. I didn’t see you at the party?” Caleb said disappointed. Violet parted her lips to respond but Elijah cut in.

“Cause her overprotective boyfriend here, drove her home.” Elijah looked at Caleb in disapproval.

Violet threw her back head earning a chuckle from Elijah. “He’s not my boyfriend, but he did drive me home early. Sorry.” Violet said looking back at Caleb. He nodded at her before glancing at Elijah.

Elijah tilted his head and looked at him amused. “Let’s get to class.” Violet said trying to ease the tension. She started to walk with Elijah’s arm still around her.

“What was that boyfriend stuff?!” Violet whisper yelled so the others couldn’t hear.

“I think you handled it pretty well.” Elijah said looking in front of them. Violet sighed and shook her head slightly before putting her smile back on. Elijah froze and looked down at her.

She stopped and looked at him confused.

“I told you not to do that.” Elijah said.

“What do you mean?”

“Not to fake a smile.” Violet immediately told him to shh. He nodded and they continued to walk with his arm around her shoulders. “You’re going to stop at some point, babe.” He whispered.

“I know. But not anytime soon.” She put on a smile when she saw more teens wave at her. That just made him sigh.

They made it to her first class. “Bye.” She said.

“What makes you think I’m going anywhere?” Violet stopped and turned to him.

“You can’t just walk in a classroom in a school you don’t go to.”

“Watch me.”

He turned the doorknob and waltz in there. Elijah took a seat in the back and looked at Violet smugly. The teacher briefly looked at him confused before shrugging it off and getting back to work.

Violet stared at the teacher confused with her mouth agape. “Take a seat, Ms. Camira.” Mrs. Lenaze said. Violet nodded and speed walked to Elijah.

“Why did she let you stay, Eli?” Violet asked and sat in the seat beside him.

“These teachers don’t care about important things. I could be a murderer and they’d still let me stay. But if someone pulls out a piece gum they’d go fucking ballistic.” He said rolling his eyes and put his feet up on the desk.

Violet looked over at him when he said a murderer. “But you are a-” His whipped his head and gave her a warning look.

“Right, sorry.” She quickly said. More kids came into the room.

“Hey, Vi!” They all said and ran over to her. Violet wore her famous mile causing Elijah to roll his eyes.

“Hey, you guys. How’s it been?” Violet said grinning at them. They sat as closest as they could and turned to Violet. Elijah groaned and slumped in his chair annoyed.

“It’s been great really! Caleb’s party was so fun!” Dila said and flipped her blonde hair. Dila has dated most of the senior guys. Violet tries to steer clear of her. But, sadly Dila continuously tries to hang with her.

“Yeah, it was.” Violet said and glanced at Elijah. He was still slumped in his chair with his feet up. “What’s wrong, Eli?” Violet asked turning fully to him. The others looked at him annoyed.

“Nothing, Vi.”

She nodded with a small smile before turning and grinning at her friends. After a while, the classroom was packed and the teacher took the role.

Elijah walked beside Violet, in front of a group of teens. Violet went to her locker and the other kids continued to walk to their lockers. Elijah leaned on the locker beside hers watching her.

Violet ignored his presence. She put her books inside and took out some others. She also looked at herself in the mirror before closing the locker and turning to him.

“Is that what girls do when they go in their lockers? Look at themselves?” He said confused. Violet shrugged and smiled at him.

She looked to the side when she saw a small group of kids walking. “Hey, guys.” She said grinning at them.

“Hey, Vi.” They said and waved at her. She turned back to Elijah and saw he was looking at her with an expression she couldn’t point out. “What?”

“Do you want to skip?” He asked staring in her blue-green eyes.

“No, Eli! I may have an amazing reputation with the teens here, but I have a better one with the teachers. Although the principal still hasn’t warmed up to me yet.” Violet said and shrugged.

“It’s just one day. Your reputation will stay amazing. Please.”

Violet sighed before nodding. Elijah grinned and grabbed her hand. He ran them out of the school and to her car. He got in the driving seat while she sat in the passenger seat.

“This is a one-time thing!” Violet said giggling while putting her seat belt on.


“I really hate you.” Violet said and rolled her window down.

“And I really love you.” He said smugly and turned on the car. They drove in comfortable silence.

“Where are we going?” Violet asked when she didn’t recognize the street they were on. Elijah stayed quiet in an attempt to annoy her. She looked over at him with a curious smile. “Where are we?”

Elijah turned to her smirking before focusing back on the road. Violet huffed sadly and got comfortable in the seat.

Two hours of driving, and they made it. Violet looked around confused. The sun was now setting making the sky a beautiful pink and yellow.

“We’re at a club?!” Violet shrieked horrified as she turned to Elijah.

He smirked at her. “Yeah, I’m 22 and you’re 21.” He said and shrugged.

“No! I’m 17 and you’re 18!” Violet shouted and started to panic.

“It’s fine. We can always pretend.” He said slowly and reached in his pocket. He handed her something. Violet’s jaw dropped when she finished reading.

“Fake ID’s?!” Violet yelled.

“Yep.” Elijah said and exited the car. Violet sat there stunned. Elijah walked to her side of the car and opened the door. “Come on.”

“No! My mom will kill me! I mean... she lets things go quickly but not something like this!”

“Then don’t tell her. Text her and say you’re staying with a friend for a couple of days. You have plenty, Vi.” Elijah said leaning on the car door watching her. Violet through her head back on the car seat and closed her eyes.

She wiped her face and looked back at the ID's. Violet started to think they do look pretty real.

“Ok.” She said softly and took her phone out of her purse. Violet texted them she was staying with Amari for two nights and climbed out of the car. Elijah grinned and shut the car door.

They waited in line for a while until it was there turn. They waited anxiously as they watched the security guard check their fake ID.

Violet mentally exhaled when he approved. They were first met with the sound of terrible electrical music. Elijah quickly grabbed her hand not wanting to lose her in the crowd. Elijah made a clear path for them to walk. Although, he had to push away girls barely wearing any clothes.

Violet started to feel underdressed....well overdressed.

Elijah finally found the bar and picked Violet up and sat her on the stool. Violet giggled at his actions. Elijah sat beside her and ordered something Violet didn’t recognize.

“What’s tequila shots?” Violet asked confused.

Elijah chuckled, “You really are a goody-two-shoes. Girl next door. Geek. Nerd. Freak. Loser.”

“Hey!” Violet yelled and crossed her arms over the chest and pouted. “I’m none of those.”

“Did you just say you’re not a girl next door while pouting?” Elijah joked. She rolled her eyes and stopped. Elijah gasped happily, “Did you just roll your eyes?” As he said that the bartender put six shots on the counter in front of them. It was filled with tequila that Violet was looking at strange.

“Is that tequila shots?” Violet asked pointing at the shots.


“What do we do?” Violet said looking at the shots weirdly. Elijah chuckled. “And you say you’re not a girl next door.” He took a shot and threw his head back as he drank it. He slipped her a chaser when he finished. Elijah knows since this is her first time taking tequila, she'll need a chaser.

Violet looked down at another shot before mimicking his moves. “Wow!” She said and slammed the glass on the counter as she took the chaser.

They did the other two together. “I brought you here for another reason.” Elijah said after taking the last shot.

“What?” Violet slurred.

“Wow, you really can’t hold your liquor. But, I want you to meet my friends.” He said and scanned the crowd of dancing people.

“Are they like us? Frauds?” Violet slurred and threw her head back.

“Basically, babe.” Elijah said and stood up. “I’ll be back.” He said and disappeared in the crowd.

Elijah moved through the crowd until he saw one of his friends from school. “Noah!” He yelled and pulled on his shirt.

Noah turned to him grinning. “Hey, Eli!” He slurred.

Elijah rolled his eyes, “I told you not to get drunk, idiot. Come on she’s over here.” Elijah said and started to walk back with Violet.

She was rocking her head from side to side wobbly. “Vi?” Elijah said and sat back down with her.

She turned to him with a grin before looking at Noah confused and scared. Elijah noticed and put his hand on hers. “He’s fine, Vi. We’re not going to rape you or anything.” Elijah said amused. Noah and Violet let out a drunk laugh.

“Where are your friends?” Violet slurred and leaned her head on Noah’s shoulder. He dropped his head on her head and they both closed their eyes.

“Wake up! How can you sleep with music?!” Elijah said confused. They opened their eyes and got off of each other. “They’re at my place. Come on, I’ll drive...obviously.” He said and grabbed their wrist.

He opened his house door and the drunk teenagers laid on each other on his couch. Elijah’s other friends came out of the kitchen and laughed when they saw Violet asleep on Noah's chest.

“What the hell?!” Evelyn said bent over while laughing her heart out.

“Where did you take them?!” Lucas said leaning his elbow on Evelyn while laughing.

Elijah sighed and looked at Violet as she snuggled on Noah’s chest. She looked so small compared to him. “The club.”

That only made them laugh harder. James came downstairs and looked at them confused before looking over at Violet and Noah. He just softly chuckled and went to the kitchen.

Violet started to wake up from the noise. She groaned and held her head. When she shrieked everyone burst out laughing harder, except James.

“Where am I?!” Violet yelled and jumped off of Noah. She pulled her skirt down and looked around frantic. Violet exhaled in relief when she saw Elijah. “Why the hell did you take me there? And who are they!?” She yelled and threw her hand in the direction of Evelyn and Lucas.

“His friends, lassie.” Evelyn said in her original Scottish accent.

Violet looked back at Elijah. He shrugged and smirked. She groaned out of frustration and ran up the stairs. Evelyn and Lucas continued to laugh when Elijah ran after her.

“Babe!” He yelled while running up the stairs.

“Leave me alone!” She said annoyed while walking down a hallway she doesn’t recognize.

“Babe, stop!”

Violet rolled her eyes at the pet name and opened the first door she saw. Violet slammed it shut and locked it before leaning on a bathroom wall and sliding to the floor.

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