What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 5

Elijah just shrugged and continued to search through her clothes. “Why are you going through my clothes, Eli?” Violet said amused while petting Archie in her arms.

“Why didn’t you get the food?” Elijah clapped back while looking at one of her dresses.

“I wanted us to go out to eat...little did I know I would find a boy snooping in my closet.”

Elijah chuckled, “I’m not some boy, babe. I’m your friend. So, I think it’s ok for friends to look at their friend’s clothes.” He said pulling out a small yellow sundress. “Wow, this is a classic goody-two shoe dress.” He snickered.

“You're annoying. Leave, I have to change. We’re going out.” Violet said sitting Archie down. She came over to Elijah and they both searched for a dress. Violet was starting to wonder why he was looking for a dress.

“What are you doing?” Violet asked pulling out her short red halter neck dress.

“Helping you look for an outfit.” He said casually while looking at dresses. Violet giggled and left the closet with the dress.

“I found one. Shouldn’t you worry about what you’re going to wear?” Violet voiced out laying her dress on her bed and going back to the closet.

“Oh, well I’ll help with the shoes. What dress did you pick?” They both left the closet and went to her bed.


“You act like such a girl!” Violet shrieked happily.

Elijah gasped. “I’m not a girl. I just have good taste.” He said and shrugged one shoulder.

“In girl clothes?” Violet said putting her hands on her hips.

“I just know when a girl is wearing too much or too little. I know when it’s ugly or pretty. I don’t have to be a girl to know which is which.” Elijah said walking back to my closet.

“Such a girl,” Violet muttered to herself and walked over with him. He was in the shoe part of her walk-in closet. They both stayed quiet and searched for a pair of shoes.

“You should go get ready at your house,” Violet said after checking the time.

“Ok, what time should be here?”

“7, I’ll see you later.” Violet said and gave him a small smile. He returned it and left her house.

After a few more minutes, Violet finally chose black peep-toe cut-out stiletto heels. She showered, applied makeup, and put on her purse and jewelry.

When she checked the time, she saw she only had a few minutes until he arrived. Violet smiled at the thought and opened her door.

“Where are you going?” Julia asked walking up the stairs.

“Elijah is taking me out to dinner. I should be home around 10. Bye, mom.” Violet said and flashed a smile. Violet knows what she smiled does to her mom.

Julia loosened up. “Ok. Be safe and I except you home at 10, got it?” She said warningly.

“Got it, love you.” Julia pecked Violet on the cheek and continued to walk. Violet grinned when she heard her doorbell. She carefully went down the stairs and speed walked to the door.

“Hey, babe.”

“Hey, Eli. One day you’re gonna stop calling me that.” Violet said shutting the door behind her.

“Sure.” He said and interlocked their fingers as they walked to his car. As soon as they both got, buckled their seat belts, they interlocked their fingers again.

“Where are we going?” Violet asked looking out the window,

“You tell me.”

Violet’s head snapped to him. “Have we been driving in circles?!”

“Yep.” Elijah said and took another right.

“Jesus, Eli! Stop the car.”

He sighed and pulled over. Violet took out her phone and searched for restaurants they could go to.

Eli snatched the phone out of her hand and started going through it. “Hey! You’re not my mom! My mom wouldn’t even do that crap! I was clearly using that!” Violet shouted while trying to get her phone back, both of them still holding each other hand.

“Ok, fine. I was just wondering what you were doing.” Elijah said smirking and handed her the phone. She shot him a glare and continued to search for somewhere to go.

“Ok, found a place.” Violet said gleefully and handed Elijah the phone.

He sighed and took it. “What the hell, babe?!”

“What?” She said innocently knowing exactly what she did.

“You looked up the most expensive restaurant near us and you're asking what?” Elijah said looking at her in disbelief.

She shrugged and leaned back in her chair smirking.

“You are evil.” He said and drove to the restaurant. Violet shrugged while crossing her leg over the other.

“At least I didn’t murder anyone.”

Elijah burst in a fit of laughter and Violet eventually joined him. “How are you going to use that against me?!” Elijah said laughing.

“I mean...you started it by calling me evil!” Violet said, they let out a hearty laugh and squeezed each other hand. Violet stopped and thought. Violet realized that she is in fact holding the hand of a murderer. She started to wonder how he didn’t get caught and why he killed him in the first place.

Elijah noticed her silence and started to feel guilty. He knew he didn’t have to ask what she was thinking about. Elijah knew she was asking herself questions about him.

“I killed him because he tried to,” Elijah paused and sighed deeply. “He tried to rape my little sister.” He rushed out.

Violet looked at him with so much sympathy. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know he could something like that.” Violet looked away and could feel tears prickle her eyes. She blinked them away and sighed.

Elijah didn’t respond. He didn’t have anything to say. Being caught wasn’t something he worried about, still don’t. In fact, he couldn’t care less about being caught. All Elijah wanted was to feel Belton's blood on his hands.

They reached the restaurant shortly after. They let go of each other hand and left the car just to join hands again.

Hand in hand, they entered the restaurant. “Oh, wow.” Violet said surprised as she looked around the place. It had circle tables spread across the wide space with huge chandeliers hanging over each.

They sat at a table with menus and utensils already waiting. “I can tell your mad at me.” Elijah suddenly said while reading over the menu.

“I’m not mad, Eli. I’m disappointed in myself.”

“Why?” He asked looking up from the menu.

“Because I was blind. I was friends with him for 4 years and I couldn’t see that he was a monster.” Violet said reading her own menu.

“Don’t beat yourself up. No one could have known. Like I said when we met, he was a pathetic excuse of a life.”

“True,” Violet responded. The waiter came and they placed their order. Violet knew she should run for the hills. Or at least away from him. But, she’s weirdly drawn to him.

After dinner, they got in the car and Elijah drove her home. They said their goodbyes, and Violet opened the door to her house after he drove away...

And what she saw completely nauseated her.

Violet’s blood ran cold as she stood frozen in the doorway. Her mother’s vases were shattered all over the ground. Blood was splattered on the wall along with gunshot holes. The smell of blood made her sick to her stomach.

“Dad! Mom! Stella!” Violet yelled tearfully still standing in the doorway. She frowned and her bottom lip quivered when she didn’t get a response.

Biting her bottom lip, she hung her purse up and started to walk around to find her family. Violet knew she needed to make sure her little sister was ok.

Violet ran up the stairs and threw her sister’s door open. “Stella?” Violet murmured tearfully. Violet’s hand covered her mouth with tears streaming down her face as she feels her heart and life break. “Stella!” Violet yelled, pain leaking in her voice and she ran over to her sister.

She was dead.

Violet stared painfully at her sister who was laying on her bed, squeezing a pillow on her chest, with a bullet in her for the head.

Violet bit her lip to stop the tears but it was no use. Not wanting to see anymore, she ran out of the room and went back downstairs to the kitchen.

Violet felt her whole body jerk as a scream left her lips.

She ran over and kneeled down over her dead father’s body. Stellan was laid on his stomach with blood gushing out of the back of his head. Wine was spilled all over the bright white floors along with shattered glass.

Violet’s whole body began to shake. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a painful cry. The words ‘Dad’s dead’ continuously ran through her mind making her cry even more. But, she remembered something her father told her when she was a girl.

‘Control your thoughts.’

Violet took deep breaths and started to think about her date with Elijah. It brought a small smile to her face, but when she opened her eyes she scooted back until her back hit the counter.

Violet stood up and went to find her mother. She doesn’t want to see how she looks, but she knows she has to see if she made it out alive.

Violet knows where her mother likes to spend her time.

Violet opened the door to their modern indoor garden and walked down the rock stairs. She walked past the waterfall and past all the plants. When she got to the main room with beautiful white sofas in a circle.

“Why!” Violet yelled as she looked at her mother’s dead body laid on one of the sofas, coating it red with her blood. Julia was holding a family picture on her stomach with a bullet in her chest with her eyes closed like she had no idea she was going to die. Stella looked the same.

“Baiser! Pourquoi ça m’arrive? J’en ai marre de toute cette mort! Je ne mérite pas ça!” Violet shouted at the top of her lungs. Tears escaped her eyes followed by her fist hitting a flower plot. She ignored the pain in her fist and left the room. That was French for ′Fuck, why is this happening to me? I’m tired of all this death! I don’t deserve this!′

She went back to her purse and told the police what she saw.

After the phone call, Violet went to the living room and laid on the floor. Violet kept thinking about how her entire family is in this house...but they’re dead, non-existent, gone.

“What did I do? All I wanted to be a life where I could always smile. Now...it’s gone. As soon as I find out who did this...I’m going to kill them. I’ll wear a smile on my face the whole time.” Violet murmured coldly.

She wiped her tears and stood up. She put back on her shoes, grabbed her purse, and walked out of the house. She didn’t spare the police a glance as they asked if she was ok and where they were.

Violet ignored them and got in her second car.

, Elijah already told them about it before he killed the principal.

“But, Violet. This is different. We can’t jus,”

“Why?!” Violet said turning to him fully. The others leaned in amused and intrigued.

“Violet these people murdered your family. The person I killed tried to rape my sister. We can’t just help you find them and let you kill them.”

“They didn’t have a problem helping you kill my principal! I just want help finding these people so I can kill them!” Violet said with her voice raised but not yelling.

“Babe, there is no way in hell I’m letting you turn up like me. I can kill them for you, but I’m not letting you do it.”

“But, Eli. He didn’t kill your entire family. You have loved ones. I’m alone.” Violet stood and faced him. “Je fais Avec ça Avec ou sans too.”

“Lucas what did she say?” Elijah said annoyed while he and Violet continued to stare at each other.

“She said she’s doing it with or without you,” Lucas answered.

“You’re not doing anything, babe.”

“Tu n’es pas mon père. En fait, je n’ai pas de père.” Violet growled. Elijah looked over to Lucas for him to translate.

“She said your not her dad and that she doesn’t have a dad.”

“I don’t care, Violet. I’m not letting you kill anyone. It will ruin you.”

“I could help.” Evelyn said and shrugged. Violet turned and smiled at her before looking back at Elijah.

“You’re not helping, Lyn. Listen to me Violet, you are killing anyone. I will help you find them, but under no circumstances are you allowed to kill whoever we find, do you understand?” Elijah said sternly.

“Sure.” Violet said smirked.

The others burst in a fit of laughter. “She used your own tactics against you!” Noah said laughing with them.

“Shut up, guys.” Elijah growled. It took them a few minutes before they stopped. Violet sat back down.

“O,.” Violet said and nodded.

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