What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 6

Two months later...

After Violet’s interrogation with the police, they recommended a friend stay at her house with her for a while after they got all evidence and cleaned the place up. Elijah didn’t give it a second thought when he decided to move in with her.

They were now sitting on her bed with snacks scattered everywhere as they watched multiple films. After a while, Elijah’s friends came and joined them on her bed.

Violet got a lot of money after her 18th birthday from her parents. And since her sister is dead too, Violet got the money that was going to go to her. The first thing Violet spent the money she got on, was the house bills so she can keep it. She bought a couple of maids and put most of the rest of her money in her bank account.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Elijah whispered so only she could hear. Violet was too lost in thoughts to answer him. She kept trying to think what the last thing she said to each member of her family was. “Vi?”

“Yes?” Violet said lifting her head off his chest and looking at him.

“Are you ok? You kinda went silent.” Elijah said worriedly.

“Oh, I’m fine.” Violet said and laid her head back in his chest. Violet knew deep down, she was not fine.

In fact, she felt like she was dying inside.

Right then and there, Violet wanted to scream on the top of her lungs how much pain she was in. But she stayed quiet and watched the movie with her friends.

After a few more movies, they all left except Elijah.

They both got ready for bed and laid down on her bed. “I miss my mom.” Violet laying on his arm.

“I know. My mom died a long time ago too. Except it was from a brain tumor. My dad died from heartbreak.” Elijah said calmly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Where’s your little sister?” Violet asked.

“Living with our aunt in New Orleans. It’s where we grew up. But, after that pathetic excuse of life tried to rape her, he moved here and I followed him.”

“Oh.” Was all Violet said before dosing off.

The next morning was the same as every morning. Violet stayed in bed after waking and watched Elijah walk around her room getting ready. When he was done, he always left and went to make breakfast.

That’s when Violet would get up and start getting ready for the day. If they were a couple, Violet wouldn’t mind getting ready with him. But, they’re not. So she just watches him.

After Violet did her routine and put on a black halter top and plaid leggings set with black point-toe knee-high boots. She left her room and joined Elijah in the kitchen.

“Good morning.” Violet said sitting on the counter. Elijah scrambling eggs next to her.

“Good morning.” He said and smirked at her.

“How’s the search going?” Violet asked crossing one leg over the other.

“I’m not telling you.” Elijah said and turned off the stove.

“Why not?!” Violet whined.

“If I tell you, you will take our leads and try to find who did it yourself. I can’t allow that because I don’t want you to have blood on those incredibly adorable hands.” Elijah said while fixing our plates.

“What if I want blood on my hands?”

“Violet, you are talking to a guy who has killed three people before. Trust me, you don’t want blood on your hands.”

“Sure.” Violet said and hopped off the counter.

“That is not fair.” He joked and pointed at her warningly. She chuckled and started to walk to the dining table but froze.

“Wait, what?!” Violet yelled when it dawned on her.

“What?” Elijah asked confused turning to her.

“What other people did you kill?”

He sighed deeply and licked his bottom lip. “Go sit at the table. I’ll bring breakfast.” He said and turned his back to her. She sighed and sat at the dining table.

After breakfast, they both got in her car and he drove them to her school. Violet went to school, but his school already started so he drove away.

Violet was immediately met with pity looks and hugs. Rumors spread quickly. Some are saying Violet killed her family and that’s the reason she doesn’t seem sad. More say Violet’s being held captive and forced to smile so much. Violet was really disturbed by the latter. It seemed dumb to her.

As soon as Violet turned the corner, she was embraced with a hug from Amari.

“Are you ok?! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!” Amari said squeezing her.

“I’m ok, Am.” Violet said trying to get out of her grasp. She eventually let go and gave Violet a pity smile. Violet tried her best not to roll her eyes.

All the death is getting Violet Camira’s head.

“Hey, Vi!” Dila yelled happily as she walked over to her. Violet actually rolled her eyes, but quick enough they didn’t see.

“Hey, Dila.” Violet said flatly and continued to walk. Violet ignored the hurt in her eyes and walked to her locker.

After a long day of school and dodgeball, it was time to go home. Well...not exactly.

Violet has a plan. She really, really wants to kill whoever killed her family. The police were getting nowhere. And she knew they wouldn’t get anywhere. Despite the many times they came to her house and searched for evidence.

So, Violet plans to allow Elijah to drop her off at home. After he leaves, she’s going to get in her car and got James’s place with the others. Anytime she goes there, the others are always there. Almost as if they live there. But Violet doesn’t question it.

When she gets there, Violet plans on convincing them to tell her their leads. She already knows Evelyn will help her. She’s more worried about James. They haven’t really bonded since he’s mostly quiet.

Violet gets in the car when Elijah drives in the school parking lot. They stay quiet the whole ride there. As if, they were both planning something despicable.

Violet gets out of the car and walks to her door. She kept peeking over shoulder waiting for him to leave.

When Elijah is finally out of sight, Violet turns around and goes back to the driveway away from the front door.

“I knew you were up to something.”

Violet jumped and gasped at the sudden voice. She turned around saw Elijah walking her way. “What are you doing, Violet?”

“None of your business, Eli.” Violet said, she turned her back to him and continued to walk to her second car.

“It quite frankly, is my business, Vi. I asked what you were doing.”

Violet stopped and turned to him. Questions cancel questions.

“Who else did you k-” Elijah put his hand on her mouth and gave her a warning look. When she nodded, he removed his hand and smirked at her.

“Don’t dismiss my question, Vi. Why are you out here and not in the house?”

She sighed and crossed her arms over her stomach. “I need to know what leads you to have.” Violet whispered.

Elijah chuckled. “You know what, Vi? Fine, I’ll let you see. I’ll even let you kill whoever killed your family. Since you are pretty transparently hell-bent on killing them. Get in the car.” Elijah said and opened the car door behind him.

Violet was pleased he finally allowed her to kill them. This is better than the plan she made up this morning.

When they entered James’s house, the smell of weed and alcohol filled the air. “Oh, wow.” Violet said and covered her nose. This is not a smell she’s familiar with. Elijah however, is familiar with it all too well.

Elijah and Violet walked further in the house, to the living room and saw all of them sitting with weed and alcohol everywhere.

“Hey, Vi!” Evelyn yelled, her eyes bloodshot.

“Hey?” Violet said confused as she looked around amused. She looked up and saw Elijah was looking at them annoyed.

“Did you guys even follow the lead...at all?” Elijah said agitatedly.

“This is what happened...we started...but Noah brought weed...Evelyn found the liquor…and I...being my super-smart self...decided to stop the pointless search...” Lucas stammered as he slurred on his words, laid sprawled on the couch.

“It’s not pointless.” Violet snarled.

“On the contrary, darling...it is quite pointless.” Evelyn slurred and chugged a bottle of brandy.

Violet snarled and balled her hands in a fist. “Did you ever get anywhere?”

“Yeah, Vi. We did.” Elijah answered.

“Really?” Violet said sarcastically as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Don’t give her false hope!” Noah yelled laid on the floor in front of a couch.

Elijah just rolled his eyes and grabbed Violet’s hand. He walked her to a part of the house she’s never been before. He opened a door revealing what looked like a murder board.

“Wow.” Violet said as she ran her fingers along the string and pictures.

“Yeah, it turns out your parents had secret security cameras outside of your house.” Elijah said and opened a drawer in the wooden desk.

Violet was to fixated on the murder board to see what he pulled out.

“Here.” He said.

Violet turned around saw him holding a gun out for her to take. “I’m not taking that!” Violet yelled staring at the gun.

“You said you want to kill the people who killed your family. Once Evelyn sobers up, she’s going to teach you how to use it. Noah is going to teach you how to fight.” Elijah said sitting the gun on the desk.

“Ok.” Violet said and turned back to the murder board.

“I thought you’d be more reluctant. Whatever, let’s go.” He held her hand and walked them out of the room.

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