What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 7

8 months later...

Violet was stronger than she was before her entire family was killed. She was better with a gun, thanks to Evelyn.

Violet was beginning to use her popularity because she was to fixated on locating the people that killed her family. She had teenagers do her work for free and cover for her when she didn’t come to school. Even though they have one week before graduation.

They found out useful things about her family’s murder. The police already gave up a month ago. They found out her parents owed money to some people, it turns out that’s how they got their wealth. Whoever they owed, retaliated by trying to kill them and their entire family. But they missed Violet. So, they are pretty sure the people are going to look for Violet. If they haven’t already found her.

“Lyn!” Violet yelled as she stomped through her house searching for Evelyn. They all decided it’s best to be roommates in Violet’s house since it’s bigger than James’s. So, they all live with Violet.

“What, Vi?!” Evelyn yelled back annoyed. Violet followed her voice to the upstairs kitchen.

“Where’s Eli?” Violet asked when she reached the kitchen. Evelyn and Lucas were doing body shots on the kitchen island. “Can you guys not do that there? We still have to eat.” Violet said and grabbed an apple.

They ignored Violet, Lucas took the lime from Evelyn’s mouth. Violet rolled her eyes and left the kitchen. She went downstairs and went to the downstairs kitchen where she knew Noah was.

“Noah, where’s Eli?” Violet said and sat upon the kitchen counter. Noah was going through the fridge.

“I don’t know, probably the club. Oh! By the way, I found something new.” He said taking random things out of the fridge and sitting it on the counter next to Violet.

“Really? What?” Violet said eagerly.

“I found out the name of one of a person working with the people that killed your family.” He said and winked at me.

“Great! Who is it?” Violet said leaning in close. He walked over to her with a challenging expression.

“That information is classified.” Noah said and bit his lip amused.

“What do you mean? Wait! Is this because of Eli? Did he say I couldn’t know?!” Violet yelled confused. Noah shrugged one shoulder.


“I’m going to kill him.” Violet said and hopped off the counter. Before she could fully walk away, Noah grabbed her arm, lifted Violet up, and set her back on the counter. “How are you so strong?” She said fascinated.

“Eh.” Noah said and continued doing something with the food he took out. Violet scooted back on the counter so her back was on the wall above the counter.

She sat and watched his every move when Elijah came in.

“Where have you been?” Violet said annoyed.

“You’re not my mom, Vi.”

Noah tried to hide away knowing they were about to argue.

“I don’t have to be your mom to ask where you were. Where were you?” Violet said and crossed her arms over her chest.

Elijah continued to take slow steps towards her.

“Could you guys do this somewhere el-”

“Shut up.” Elijah and Violet said still looking at each other. “I don’t have to tell you anything.”

“What’s the big secret, Elijah?” Violet said and scooted closer to the edge of the counter. Elijah stopped walking directly in front of her.

“Why do you want to know so badly?”

“Ok, guys. Could you guys argue somewhere else?” Noah asked innocently.

“No.” Elijah and Violet immediately answered still watching each other. “Why are you hiding where you were?” Violet asked.

“I have my reasons.”

Lucas and Evelyn came downstairs, but when they saw the way Violet and Elijah were looking at each other, they backed away slowly and dashed up the stairs. Noah eventually dashed away with them.

“And what are those reasons?” Violet asked and hopped off the counter so they were standing directly in front of each other.

“Why do you want to know so badly?”

She shrugged one shoulder. “Let’s call it curiosity.”

“Fine, I went to a party.”

“And you couldn’t have told me that earlier!” Violet said and hit the back of his head before turning her back to him.

“I could not. It’s fun pissing you off.” He commented and rubbed her back before going up to his room.

The next morning, they were all in an office room in Violet’s house. They had a bigger murder board because of all the new facts they got.

“So, who did my parents owe money to?” Violet asked leaned on the office desk, all of them facing the board.

“It appears to be people who are not house realtors. Maybe people who illegally sold them this house.” Lucas answered.

“No shit, sherlock. What he means to say, is that it was probably some gang that deals with land and your parents didn’t know what they were getting into at the time.” Evelyn said twirling her favorite knife in her hand.

Lucas rolled his eyes and slumped in the chair more.

“Noah! You said you know the name of one of them. Who?” Violet asked looking over at Noah. He was sitting next to Evelyn on a couch in the office.

“Harper Mason. She has a connection with the people. She lives in Ohio.” Noah answered.

“I guess we’re going on a trip.” Elijah said. Violet nodded and stood up straight.

“Will all of your families be ok with skipping graduation?” Violet asked turning to them.

“I just have my uncle, so yeah, I could skip it.” Evelyn answered.

“I could too. My sister plans on skipping it anyway.” Noah said and ran his finger through his dark brown hair.

“I think we all know I could skip it.” James said and smirked. We all chuckled. James is two years older than us and has been out of high school. That’s why he has his own house, that’s also why they all used to go to his place.

“Great. Let’s get packing. We leave tomorrow.” Violet announced. They all nod and they all leave and got to their rooms to pack.

The next day...

They get in Lucas’s SUV and let him drive. He demanded that he be the only one drive it. The others didn’t have to say in the matter.

Violet stayed on her phone most of the drive to the airport, mainly on social media. Elijah mainly watched what she was doing on her phone, causing arguments between the two. They continuously told Noah to stop smoking in the car, but he didn’t listen so they kept the windows down. Evelyn just stared out the window the whole time. James listened to music through his earphones in the front seat.

“Stop looking at my phone!” Violet yelled and hugged her phone close to her chest while glaring at Elijah.

“Who were you texting?”

“None of your business.” Violet said and rolled her eyes.

“Now I have to see.” He reached and tried to take the phone from her.

“Hey!” Violet yelled. That started another fight between the two as they tried to claw the phone away from each other. The others let them since Violet and Elijah were in far back of the car sitting beside each other. “Let go, idiot!” Violet yelled as she pulled her phone.

Elijah chuckled when he finally got her phone away from her. She just huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as she slumped in the seat.

Elijah went through her entire phone smugly. “Who is this Liam guy?” He asked waving her phone around.

“My ex, dad!” Violet said annoyed. He gasped and started going through their text.

“Why is he your ex?” Elijah asked.

“Ok, genius. People become ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends when they break up.”

“I know that, dumbass. But who broke up with who?” He asked still reading the text.

“He broke with me.”

His eyes shot up to me. “Why?”

“Why do you want to know?” Violet asked confused.

“Just tell me.”

“Fine. Apparently, I’m not relationship material. Which is why I stick to just having a lot of friends.” Violet confessed and looked down at the ground in shame.

To everyone in the car’s surprise, Elijah kissed her. Violet gasped before giving in. She snaked her hand through his hair. The others started cheering.

“You have no idea how long I wanted to do that.” Elijah whispered after breaking the kiss.

“Me too.” Violet said. They grinned at each other and sat back up in their seats.

“It took you two long enough.” Noah said and shook his head no while rolling his eyes. Elijah and Violet just chuckled while intertwining their fingers.

They took their seats on the plane. Elijah and Violet gladly sat together, Lucas and Evelyn sat together, and James and Noah sat together.

Elijah and Violet’s hands never separated, even after the ride to the airport. Neither of them couldn’t bear being apart. Even though they didn’t have a title for their relationship.

Violet rested her head on Elijah’s shoulder when the sun settled. “You two are so cute together!” Evelyn cooed sitting across from them. Violet was faking sleep, she wanted to hear his response.

“I don’t even know if we are together.” Elijah said sadly while looking down at Violet.

“Do you want to be?” Evelyn asked.

“Of course.” Elijah immediately answered and smiled down at Violet.

“So tell her.”

Little do they know, he just did.

After another two hours on the plane, it was time to go. They got off the plane and got in a cab. They were lucky they were all older than 17, otherwise, this wouldn’t of work. It also helps that Violet’s rich now.

They got out of the cab and went inside a penthouse Violet rented. It was really early in the morning, so they just showered and went straight to sleep.

Violet was the first to wake up. She slowly sat up and realized Elijah was laying on his stomach next to her.

She eventually tore her eyes away and got off the bed. Entering the kitchen, she saw the other room door was open. Violet poked her head in and saw Lucas and Evelyn sleep together.

She couldn’t help but wonder if they were a couple.

“Why are you stalking them?”

Violet squealed and turned around. “Noah, you idiot!” Violet whisper yelled and punched his shoulder.

“I wasn’t the one stalking them.” He pouted and walked to the fridge.

“Get out. I’m going to cook.” Violet said walking to the bathroom.

“You’re cooking sucks.”

Violet froze in her tracks and turned to him. He was leaned on the counter looking at her challengingly. “Is that a challenge?” She said crossing her arms over her chest.

“Maybe.” He smirked and shrugged.

“You’re on. Give me an hour.” Violet said and walked back into her room. Elijah was still asleep. Violet took out an outfit and her makeup and went to the bathroom.

She showered and changed into a red butterfly print cami top and tartan skirt set. After putting on her makeup and white point-toe stilettos, she walked back into the room with Elijah.

She rolled her eyes when he was still sleeping. Violet walked back in the kitchen and saw Noah sitting at the table on his phone, he looked like he got ready too. “You’re going to wear heels while cooking?” He asked looking at her shoes.

“I am.” Violet said walking to the fridge.

“Whatever.” He said and stood up. They both took out various breakfast foods and started cooking separate meals.

“Go change.” Elijah said walking towards Violet. He was wearing a black long-sleeved button-up shirt and jeans.

“No, dad." Violet said and rolled her eyes. She perfectly flipped a pancake and looked at Noah smugly. He just rolled his eyes.

“You are wearing a skirt and very revealing top, in a penthouse full of men. Change.” Elijah said leaning on the counter watching her.

“No. I’m busy. Even if I wasn’t busy...I wouldn’t change. Plus, Noah wouldn’t do anything, right?” Violet said and looked at Noah with pleading eyes.

He took the hint. “I would never, ever, ever try anything with your girlfriend.” Noah said and winked at Violet.

She groaned and rolled her eyes. Elijah just smirked at Violet, but she ignored him and moved the cooked pancake on the plate.

“Good morning.” Evelyn said walking in the room. She wore a white tube top and white buttoned skirt set.

“See! She’s wearing a skirt!” Violet whined and threw her hand in Evelyn’s direction. Evelyn looked at her outfit and shrugged.

“It gets hot in this part of Ohio.” Evelyn said and sat at the dining table.

"She isn’t my girlfriend,” Elijah said.

“Neither am,” Violet stopped herself and walked to the fridge. They all looked at Violet amused as her cheeks turned red.

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