What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 8

Noah and Violet laid their entrees on the dining table and waited impatiently as they watched the others eat their food.

“Whose is better?” Violet asked.

“Whoever made this.” Evelyn said pointing at the chocolate pe ft eRanut butter protein pancakes with sliced bananas and Nutella drizzle on top.

Violet smiled proudly at herself knowing she made them.

“These.” Lucas said pointing at Noah’s egg and cheese hash brown waffles with raspberries and blueberries on top along with syrup.

Noah smiled smugly at Violet causing her to huff and put her hands on her bare hips. “We await your decision, Eli and James.” Noah said looking back at them.

“That one.” They both said pointing at separate dishes. Elijah pointed at Violet’s and James pointed at Noah’s.

“Fuck.” Violet muttered and huffed.

“So, who won?” Noah asked looking down at Violet. She looked up at him.

“It was a tie, idiot.” She said and rolled her eyes looking to the side.

“No shit, dumbass. But how do we decide who won?” Noah said still looking at her. Violet looked back at him and shrugged.

“Why do either of you have to win?” Lucas said and shrugged.

Violet and Noah both looked at him annoyed. “To prove I’m better.” They both said and walked away in the opposite direction.

“Go get your girlfriend. She’s competing with someone she’s clearly better than.” Evelyn said and grabbed the rest of Violet’s dish. Elijah chuckled and ran after Violet.

She was laying at the foot of their bed with her short legs hanging off and her hands on her forehead.

“Babe?” Elijah said walking over to her.

“Yes, Eli?” She asked innocently.

“What’s wrong?” He asked sitting beside her. He lifted her up with ease and cradled her in his arms.

“I’m better, right?” She pouted.

Elijah chuckled and laid her head on his chest. “Why are you so competitive?”

Violet stood up off of him and looked down at him emotionlessly. “We have to go get Harper Mason. Let’s go.” Violet said and walked out of the room. She went straight to Noah’s room to see he was laying the same way she was.

Elijah's eyes lingered at the door confused before shrugging it off.

She laid beside Noah and closed her eyes. “Can you do something for me?” Violet said after it was just silent for a while.

“Sure.” He answered immediately.

“I know Elijah doesn’t want me to kill whoever killed my family. But I don’t care. So, when the times comes, I need you to find the location before the others, and go alone.”

“Vi.....I don’t want you to die. You may be good with a gun and fighting, but I think whoever we're looking for are better.”

“Maybe. Like I said...I don’t care. I’m going to kill them even if I die in the process.” Violet said and looked over at him. He looked at her nodded. “Thank you.”

They both sat up and left the room. They all left and got in a cab.

They arrived at a prefab house. It was big and had a nature theme with the various waterfalls, plants circling, and dimmed orange lights around the house. They walked up to the front door and rung the doorbell.

“Can I help you?” A woman said after opening the door. She had a chestnut brown skin tone and medium length brown and orange hair. The woman had dark brown eyes and was a little taller than Violet. She was wearing blue jeans and a button blouse with light makeup.

“Is this a bad time?” Violet asked wearing her fake grin.

“Oh, no. Come in.” The woman said and stepped aside. They entered and the woman showed them to the living room.

“Are you Harper Mason?” Violet asked sitting.

“I am.” The woman said sitting across from Violet.

“Great!” Violet said and pulled her gun out from her purse. She pointed it at Harper and stood. Harper tried to stand but Lucas put his hand on her shoulder, holding her down. “Listen to me Harper, and you won’t die, understood?” Violet said and smiled at her.

Harper slowly nodded and looked at the others. They were still sitting on the couch reading magazines.

“Great. You’re a therapist, right.” Violet said and sat the gun back on the couch.


“So, why, why, why, why, in this fucking world would you be apart of something that gives someone else a traumatic experience?” Violet said disgustedly as she clasped her hands together.

Harper looked at her confused. “What do you,”

“Don’t play dumb.” Violet snarled. “You are supposed to help people get past their problems and help them get through it. So, I ask again. Why would you help people cause someone else’s problems?” Violet sat beside Harper with her ankles crossed to the side.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Harper said tearfully.

“Let me elaborate then. You, a worthless, piece of shit of a human being, helped certain people murder my entire family. Now you can either, A, tell me who you helped, or B, I’ll have my boyfriend kill you and I’ll find myself.”

Harper gulped and looked down before looking up and smirking at Violet. “What makes you think I care about my life?” Harper said amused.

“You don’t have to care about dying, Harper. Tell me who you helped, and I’ll leave.” Violet said and shrugged.

“Mommy!” A little girl yelled and ran into the room. Everyone looked over at the little girl surprised. She froze when they saw Violet and the others. “What’s going on, mommy?” The child said slowly walking to Harper.

Harper parted her lips to answer but Violet shot her glare. Violet stood and walked over to the girl with a warm smile. They watched her pick up the child confused.

Violet carried the child to the couch and sat her on her lap. “I’ll tell you. Your fucked up mom here, helped people kill my mom and dad and little sister.” Violet said and fake pouted. The girl looked at her confused. Violet sighed, “Of course, you don’t understand.” She rolled her eyes.

“Basically your mom is a terrible person.” Violet said and pushed the child off of her. The girl fell on the floor and whimpered. Harper looked at her daughter with so much pain.

Violet smirked and took her gun off the couch and pointed it at the child.

“Woah, Vi! Put the gun down!” Elijah said standing up.

Violet ignored him and smirked at Harper as tears ran down her cheek. “You may not care about your life, but I’m sure you care about the child. Tell me who killed my family and where they are, and we’ll leave.” Violet said impatiently.

“Violet put the gun down. We don’t hurt kids.” Elijah said in a warning tone. Violet looked over at him and shrugged.

“I don’t care.” She looked back at Harper. “Tell me or I’ll shoot her and then you.”

“Fine!” Harper and said and grabbed the notebook that was sitting on the coffee table and pen. She wrote something down and handed it to Violet.

She grabbed it and grinned. “That wasn’t so hard, now was it!” Violet said happily and lowered her gun. The child ran to Harper and hugged her.

“Go to hell.” Harper snarled at Violet.

“Honey, where do you think I came from?” Violet said, she grabbed her purse and left the house not caring if they were following.

“What the hell was that, Violet?!” Elijah yelled behind her. The others were following behind him.

Violet stopped and turned around to them. “I did what I had to do to get the information I needed. I don’t see what’s so wrong.” Violet spoke one's mind and shrugged.

“What you did was just evil?!” Elijah said still walking to her. He stopped a couple of feet back because of what she said after.

“What’s wrong with being evil?!” Violet said grinning.

Everyone froze, their mouths went agape as they stared at Violet in disbelief.

“You made me like this, Elijah. You killed my old principal with their help. I don’t get why I can’t kill too! I want to feel my enemy's blood on my hands. I want to take the life from someone! Because Elijah if you didn’t already realize...the devil and I get along just fine." Violet casually spoke.


“The difference between me and you, Elijah...I accept my darkness, I know who I am. You know, there’s no way to survive hell without taking a piece of it with you. Something only dark souls understand.” Violet said and took two small steps back.

Elijah took a step towards her, but she held out her hand stopping him.

“Don’t get to close, Elijah, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide.” Violet said and took another step.

“Violet, don’t worry, I know a lot about the demons you carry.”

Violet looked up at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t want you to be like me. Sure, I killed your principal. But I didn’t just do it because he tried to rape my sister...I did it because I liked it. Like I told you before, he’s not the first person I’ve killed. So, Violet, I know what you mean. I like killing too. But, I have restraint. I thought I could teach you restraint by not letting you kill anyone. I told you I would kill them for you because I would rather sacrifice my sanity instead of you losing yours. But I see you already went down the road. And I don’t think you can handle that.”

Violet stared at him in disbelief. “I...you...” Violet left her lips parted as she didn’t know how to respond.

She dug in the back pocket of her pants and unfolded the paper Harper gave her. “I’m going to kill the people that killed my family, by myself. We’re going to go back home to South Carolina after....and go our separate ways.” Violet announced.

“Meaning what?” Elijah said hurt.

“Meaning...I’m not gonna be with you. Any of you. I’m going to leave and go to California to be with my dream college. Meaning...I’m done with all of you.” Violet clarified.

They arrived back at the penthouse. None of them said anything the whole way there. Elijah and Violet made sure to walk farthest away from each other. Elijah was confused about why she said they were done. He just told her he was willing to sacrifice his sanity for her! Elijah just wanted to know why she was upset.

Violet kept her distance from him. She was upset that he thinks that she couldn’t handle the darkness creeping in her. Violet’s offended that he continues to doubt her. Although, Violet did start to think of it from his point of view. She started to think that maybe she’s being ungrateful. They’re helping her, and it seems like she’s going to use them and throw them out.

They all went their separate ways when they got inside the penthouse. Violet got her laptop and leaned her back on the headboard of the bed. She put the address on google and looked at the street view.


“Call me Violet.”

Elijah made sure not to show he was hurt by that. Even though it cut deep. He did a good job hiding it because Violet didn’t notice, or didn't care.

“Violet, I’m not letting you go alone.”

“Ok.” Violet indifferently said right after him.


“No. I’m still going to go, but ok,” Violet said and shrugged. He sighed and walked over to her. He noticed her tense up but he chose to ignore it. “Why?” Violet asked.

“Why what?”

“Why can’t you understand I won’t stop until I’ve killed them? Why can’t you just let go? Why do you think I can’t handle this? Why?” Violet said calmly. He sighed and sat beside her on the bed.

“It’s not that I don’t you can’t handle it. I don’t want you too.”

“Why are you being selfish?” Violet asked.

“How am I being selfish?” Elijah said angrily.

“Did you just say you don’t want me to be a certain way and ask me how you're being selfish? Well asswipe, your selfish because you want me to be the way you want me. Why can’t you get I’m fine with being evil?” Violet said and angrily and turned her head away from him.

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