What's Wrong With Being Evil

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Chapter 9

They sat in silence for a while. Elijah was trying to understand what she meant. He tried to see it from her point of view. But, it was hard for him. He couldn’t understand.

Violet was furious. He keeps trying to make her the way he wants her. Violet wants to be the way she wants. Why can’t he see that? She just wants to be...

“Why do you want to be evil?” Elijah asked breaking the silence.

“You learn to love your destruction.” Violet said and shrugged.

“Yeah, sometimes.”

“Whatever. Let’s go to sleep.” Violet rushed out. She put her laptop away and turned off the lights. At this point, she didn’t care if he sleeps here or not.

When Violet fluttered eyes open, she felt a weight behind her. She turned around saw Elijah’s back facing her. She sighed and got out of bed. Violet smiled to herself knowing what’s happening today.

“I know that smile. No, Vi.”

Violet turned to the side and saw Elijah looking at her. She rolled her eyes and went into the bathroom.

She dressed in chain detail solid black skinny jeans and black tie-dye cropped top. She came out of the bathroom after putting on makeup and Elijah immediately looked at what she was wearing. Violet ignored him and walked to the closet. She slipped on her knee-high boots with his eyes on her. When she was done, she turned to him and smirked.

“I’m not gonna stop. Don’t come for me.” She smiled maliciously at him and left the penthouse.

“We’ll see.” Elijah muttered after she left. Violet got in a cab and smiled softly to herself knowing she was going to make their death memorable. Even though she’s never killed before.

Violet got out of the cab and looked at the building. It seemed old and beat up. The paint was chipping and there were weeds growing up the building’s walls. Violet walked up to the front door and slowly opened it, trying her best not to make noise.

Although, the door started to screech causing her to cringe in annoyance. She stepped inside and saw the inside looked worst than outside.

She stepped over the papers and random items on the ground. Violet looked around for any life but froze when she heard a male voice.

“I don’t care. I need my payment now.” The man growled. Violet turned her head and saw an old wooden door. She smirked and kicked the door down.

There were 4 men sitting on a couch with cigarettes’ in their hands. It looked like they were counting money. There were also 5 women standing around the room; hardly wearing any clothes, all of them holding guns.

They looked over at her shocked. They pull out their guns and pointed it to her.

“Who are you?” One of the women said walking over to Violet. The woman had straight light brown hair, blue and light green eyes, she was a little taller than Violet. She kept her gun raised at Violet.

“You killed my family. I’m going to make your death slow.” Violet kicked her gun out of her hand ducked down dodging the bullets towards her. She ran to a table, flipped it on its side, and hid behind it. She grabbed her gun out of her boot and started to shoot some of them.

“Enough!” The woman yelled. They all stopped shooting and looked over at her. Violet stood up and glared at the woman. “Listen, we did kill your family but,”

Violet tightened her hold on the gun and in a second, she pulled the trigger three times aiming at the woman’s chest.

She smirked evilly when she fell back on the ground.

Violet felt the left side of her body jerk back. She looked down and saw blood seeping out of her shoulder. The woman sat up and unbuttoned her shirt revealing a bulletproof vest.

Violet felt like her world came crashing down.

The woman smirked at her and buttoned her shirt. “Like I was saying before you so rudely shot me,” The woman said walking over to Violet. She held her hand up behind her to stop the others from coming closer. “We don’t care. Your parents were late on a payment, so we killed them. Ah, sucks we missed you.”

Violet could hold her anger longer. Her fist connected with the woman’s jaw making her stumble back. She chuckled and kicked Violet's stomach making her fall back, with her back hitting the floor.

Violet winced from the pain in her shoulder. Luckily the bullet went through and through.

Violet jumped up and rained punches on her stomach and roundhouse kicked her head.


Violet turned to the door and saw Elijah, Lucas, Evelyn, James, and Noah walking in the room. All the guns that were pointed at Violet, were now pointed at them.

“Leave.” Violet demanded.

“So you can die? Let’s be real, Vi. It was 7 against 1 before we got here,” Lucas paused and looked at the dead bodies on the ground. “Minus 2.”

Violet rolled her eyes, “Just don’t move from right there. Let me handle it.” Violet said and looked back at the others.

“You’re bleeding.” Elijah said worriedly as he looked at her shoulder.

“I’m fine.”

“If you guys are done, Violet and I were in the middle of a fight.” The woman said and threw a punch to her. Luckily, Violet dodged it and twisted her arm behind her as her other hand pointed a gun at the others.

“Now, I’m going to give you all 5 seconds to low your guns before I shoot where it really hurts.” Violet threatened.

“5, 4, 3, 2,” As she counted they slowly lowered their guns. “Great.” Violet said and shot the woman as many times as she could in her legs, arms, and torso.

Elijah softly gasped and took a step back. Violet let go of her arm and smiled down at her dead body. She looked back at Elijah and smirked. Violet quickly reloaded.

All of the other people, raised their guns back at Violet surprising her.

She ducked down just in time and started to fight all of them. Elijah and Noah make a move to help but Violet held her hand up stopping them. She wants to die avenging her family. Stella really didn’t deserve to die.

Violet rained punches on one of their faces and with one last punch she knocked him out. Without skipping a beat, Violet flipped back and kicked one of the women in the stomach causing her to hunch over and cough. Two other men came walking over to her but she sends one kick to both of their heads making them stumble back. Though it didn’t do much.

Violet caught the gun Elijah through over to her and shot both of them in the head. She shot the other three women she didn’t kill, killing them.

Violet looked around confused because she was sure there were two other men. “Where are they?” Violet asked looking over at Elijah.

“Oh, they cowered away a couple of minutes ago. Pitiful, I know.” Evelyn said and shook her head in disappointment.

“Oh.” Violet said and looked at all the people she killed. She suddenly felt stings all over her body.

She felt heavy and felt like her knees couldn’t support her anymore. Violet fluttered eyes closed and fell back.

“Crap.” Noah said and pushed Elijah out of way and ran to Violet catching her before she could feel the impact of the ground.

Noah picked up her unconscious body. They silently carried her out of there. Shock washed over all of them when they were met with police tackling them down and taking Violet away.

They were all pinned to the ground allowing policemen to handcuff them. More sirens were heard, followed by police cars and ambulance coming into sight.

Evelyn squeezed her eyes shut while a policeman told her rights. The same was happening to the rest of them. They were thrown in separate police cars, none of them with tears in their eyes.

They all saw it coming.

Violet was put in an ambulance and they treated her various while driving to the hospital.

They all got booked at the police department, Violet was in the hospital with two police guards outside of her room.

The others denied to call a family member, so they were just thrown into separate jail cells.

Elijah didn’t really care what was happening. He saw it coming more than them. Elijah knows his and Violet’s charges will be worse than the others. They helped them both lead up to a string of murders, but Elijah and Violet actually killed. He prepared for this moment. He prepared to do nothing and let them arrest him. He knew there was no point in fighting.

Evelyn on the other hand was furious. Not at the others, but at herself. She was kicking herself for even helping them. She knew she would go to jail and prison, but she didn’t think it would feel this bad. Evelyn regrets even being friends with Elijah. Even though she knew they would end up here. She didn’t think it would feel this...miserable.

James couldn’t give a shit. He was laying on the bed picking at his nails. He really couldn’t care about his life or how he turned out. Which is why he helped Elijah. Which is also why he helped Violet. He really didn’t care about anything.

Lucas was anxious. He wasn’t scared out of his mind but scared none the less. He didn’t like where he was. Lucas never wanted any of this. When he became friends with Elijah, he wasn’t cold or mean as he developed. Elijah’s happy attitude is what made him and Lucas become friends. But after things with his little sister, he became cold and distant but friendly to his friends. Lucas was happy when Violet turned him back to his happy ways. But now, Lucas wasn’t so happy with Violet being here. In fact, he hates her for this and blames her for where they are.

Noah didn’t know exactly how to feel about the predicament they were in. Yeah, he suspected. He knew this day would come. But, he started to think maybe it wouldn’t have come so quick if Violet wasn’t here. Noah already concluded Violet was a complete sociopath. Or that she at least wants to be one. Which Noah feels is unsettling. He couldn’t help but wonder if they would have got away with it if it wasn’t for her. Noah really didn’t know what to feel about all of this.

Violet fluttered her eyes open and saw she was in the hospital. She tried to sit up, but a sharp pain coursed through her shoulder forcing her back down. Violet winced and suddenly remembered what happened before she fainted. The last thing she recalls is feeling pains in different parts of her body then something carrying her, then nothing.

Violet flipped the hospital blanket off of her and ignored the pain when she sat up. The pain eventually went down, she took the chance and hopped off the bed.

But, as soon as her feet planted on the floor, the door flung open and policemen pushed her against the wall hard and handcuffed her. She groaned when her entire front body roughly hit the wall.

They dragged her out of the hospital completely leaving her completely confused. They threw her in the back of the cop car. She kept thinking if this is legal!

“What is going on?!” Violet yelled at the two officers in front of the police car. They chose to ignore her. She just huffed and slumped in the backseat.

After a few more minutes, they forcefully tore Violet out of the car and pushed her towards the door to the police department. She heard them evilly chortle after repeatedly pushing her. Violet suddenly thought of how it feels to have their blood splattered on her face.

She smirked at the thought and let them open the door and lead her inside the police department. They booked her in and threw in a jail cell. Violet ran her fingers through her hair and sighed.

After a couple of days in jail, the impeachment started. But the only thing they can remember were the words the judge said at the end.

“...Elijah Lucas for the murders of Madison Milton, Ellis Brenton, and Cullen Rallye. Violet Camira, guilty for the murders of Knight Ferron, Kamden Rivera, Yerlin Cromwell, Amer Nile, Saray Aldine, and Delila Ayton. James Lenin, Evelyn Slotter, Lucas D’ Ludrian, and Noah Tupin, are charged for being accomplices and accessory to Violet Camira’s and Elijah Lucas’s crimes. This court is adjourned.”

Violet got lost in thought, thinking if she really did kill Saray Aldine. She was wearing a bulletproof vest, did she really die?

Violet, Elijah, James, Evelyn, Lucas, and Noah all looked at each other and gave each other a sympathetic smile. “Hey, Violet?” Noah suddenly said. Everyone in the court head’s turned to him.

“Yes, Lucas?” Violet said they smiled at each other.

“I’m definitely better.”

The groups started laughing hysterically and gave goodbye smiles when police dragged them away.

And they didn’t see each other for years. A lot of years.

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