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This is my story, I am known mostly as The Reaper, the one who reaps souls and pulls them to the darkness... I am more then that...so much more...This story, this is my story... Love vs a rising darkness, just which side prevails?

Thriller / Fantasy
Chloe. J
4.7 10 reviews
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The moment I saw her, that moment I felt her gaze on me. I knew. I knew she could see me. She entranced me in what felt like slow-motion. But I had a soul waiting, impatiently and a duty to him, to who I am. I have to remind myself what I am, what I do, and who I am here for. I am the Reaper; I am a protector, and I am here for those who have passed and are ready for their last earthly walk. I tried to remind myself; I am just death; I am just the reaper; I am the one everyone fears. But here I am, forced to play a hero to save the stranger I loved from a simple gaze. I am forced to protect her from a woman who had scorned me and disappeared long ago.

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