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Chapter 10: Clasped Hands

I stand in a field, my eyes adjusted and I look around. There was nothing but golden fields of wheat. I felt like I was standing in an ocean of the golden plant as it waved in the wind. A growl from behind me made me spin around. But there was nothing but golden wheat.

"Where are you?" I whisper.

I searched for some sign of an accident or soul somewhere, but I found no traces. I was sceptical anyone is even out here, it was nothing but endless fields of wheat. I felt a huge weight on my back and almost fell forward, but I held my scythe tight and it kept me upright. The growling was in my ear and the horrid breath was projected into my face.

"What are you?" I yell.

I used the hooked blade of my scythe and ripped the creature off my back. It rolled into the wheat and disappeared under the plants. A low growl was the only sound as it prowled around the wheat, planning its next move on me. I had yet to see it to identify what it was.

"Lucy..." I growl.

I could only guess it was a message from Lucy. Once again the creature was clawing to get on top of me. Only this time it was straight up my chest and onto my face. Its long sharp claws digging into my cloak leaving small rips. Its horrid breath and sharp teeth was right in my face, we met eyes briefly. Its eyes were like staring into a still pool of black water.

It was a lost soul of some sort, though this was an entirely new type. One I had never seen in my years of the appointed Reaper. I had many theories in my head, but for now, I had to rid the world of this creature. I dropped my scythe and threw it off me, I was after all a godly type of being.

I grabbed my scythe and just as it leaped into the air, teeth snapping and a long line of drool coming from its mouth. I hit the black ball of a creature and the blade of my scythe glowed as it stabbed into its side. The dark creature turned to ash in front of my eyes, the pile scatted into the wheat.

"What are you?" I question.

I circled the area for any more but nothing else showed itself. I panicked feeling the urge to check on Rosalie. I tapped my scythe and impatiently waited for the world to change and adjust. I found myself standing in a small room, a double bed a small brown wooden set of draws, and a tiny side table with a dim lamp.

Not the hospital room I was expecting. I could hear talking come from outside the room. Before I could investigate I was met by a shocked Rosalie, who stood almost as still as a statue. She circled me, my eyes just seemed to follow her as I turned around in a circle.

She shut her door quietly and breathed in a deep breath. Questioning herself as if she was crazy and seeing things. She then began to ramble if she had been dreaming again. I got the feeling, she had convinced herself she had only dreamt me the first time. I needed to inform her of the current situation, but I felt she may not be ready as of yet.

I take in her healthier looking self, her hair was glowing almost. Her weight had seemed to return of more natural thin and her eyes just seemed to project a new energy. I knew the gods hadn’t healed her, but perhaps the second chance was a better body to fight it with.

I couldn’t assume I knew what they had done, because I didn’t know myself. All I knew was that she could still see me and I knew she had to be kept safe. She reached out and her fingers gently dragged over the arm of my cloak. She pulled back and stared at her hand, murmuring how real it felt. This time I spoke up, she needed to be assured I was most definitely real. How else was I going to warn her of Lucy?

I reached for Rosalie's hand and they clasped together, she didn’t pull back but instead stared up at me. I couldn’t understand how my nerves seemed to take control. When I had done situations of calming a soul many times. All I could think of was how it was nice, that she wasn’t staring at her body and I wasn’t taking her to the door. Instead for a second, we stood there our hands connected, I knew she could feel the same strange feelings that had been building in me since the first time I saw her face.

"How do I tell her?" I think.

I stood in front of Rosalie, staring into her stunning eyes. She was now staring up at me, her breathing was calm and collected as if she was now totally at ease. I finally opened my mouth, the words pouring out. I explained everything to her, how I had asked the gods to help her. I explained the possibility of the type of chance they gave her.

"Over a hundred years ago." I begin.

I used it with the warm, inviting tone of voice I used with my speech to help the souls who were confused and nervous. The only thing I didn’t tell sweet Rosalie was the subject involving Lucy or how she could see me. I didn’t know why she could see me and the Lucy subject was something I would have to ease onto her.

"A sickness ravaged the human race, I had raced around collecting souls. But one particuler soul I saved. She asked me to save her, just as you had. But she betrayed me after her full soul saved. I was left with nothing but a memory of her as she disapeared without a trace and no found immortality." I say and sigh.

Rosalie needed time to let the current story sink in. The entire process of my talk with her, she remains with her hand clasped in mine. My appearance didn’t seem to bother her anymore, the more she asked questions the more confidant she became to ask me more. I very carefully answered any she asked, my secrets would always be my secrets after Lucy. Rosalie seemed to light up with every question I answered, like a child just learning about a subject they now grew infatuated in.

Her sweet voice and eyes would wash over me, causing my heart to just beat that tiny bit quicker. This was the moment I had yearned for since I had first laid my eyes on Rosalie, a moment with a beautiful being who was interested in me, Charon. Eventually, she invited me to sit with her, leading me to her bed. The bed never shifted under my weight, it was if only a feather was in my place. But again it never seemed to bother her, she kept the conversation easily going.

It pained me when I began to hear faint sounds of the bells, a new soul needing guidance would be in the world soon. I just wanted to enjoy my moments with Rosalie, but the subject of Lucy ate at me. I explained to Rosalie I had to go, the calling of a new soul I couldn’t ignore.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

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