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Chapter 11: God-Given Changes

I tapped the scythe at my feet, a sound echoes around me as the world begins to disappear around me. My frustration grew as I waited for my vision to clear. My only goal was to return to Rosalie and waste no more time. However my plans were forced to change as I begin to recognise just where I am. The looming golden gates to a land of white clouds painted the background. I had expected a fight or a soul to collect, this had been unexpected turn.

"The land of the gods." I said and sighed.

A solid built man with the brightest white eyes and hair scowls down at me. He has his tensed muscled arms crossed, I could tell I may here for a particular reason. His petite wife with golden hair wraps her arms around him as if to calm him. In one movement Zeus unfolded his arms and stood stiffly, his hair slightly floating as begins to speak.

"Charon, this is unacceptable." His voice loomed over me and echoed his power with every note.

I stood there sheepishly, fully aware of what I was here for now.

"Do you not understand the chaos's you have caused?" He states and pauses to glare at me as he continues to rant and wave his arms around in frustration. "Your first problem has a signed a deal with Hades!" He roars.

As Zeus's ranting becomes incoherent, I begin to day dream.

A smiling Rosalie, she takes my hand and leads me to this beautiful garden. The garden is full of roses, I gently pick one and place it in her hands. She smiles as she stares down at the perfectly bloomed red rose.

Zeus clears his throat and drags me out of my daydream and back into my current reality.

"Repeat your orders Reaper?" He demanded.

I list nothing but silence as I try recall the ranting he had began sometime ago. Zeus's face changed a few shades of red as his eyebrows made a very prominent angry V shape. The petite built Hera stood firmly beside him, her arms still grasping his large muscled arm. Zeus drew in a breath and began to ramble again.

"Why do I bother helping you?" He yelled.

"Well I have started.." I begin.

"You never seem to clean your own mess up!" He yelled, cutting me off.

I was forced to listen to his rants, so I just stood stiff and silently. Hera finally placed a hand on Zeus's lips and he fell into a puppy-like trance under her trance. His ranting immediately stopped and his eyes fall onto her, devoting his entire attention to her.

"Hush, my love." She says quietly to him.

Hera walks to me and starts to explain the conclusion on Zeus's rants.

"It is unfair that Hades has meddled for his own gain." She said with a touch of annoyance.

"We have given you a human appearance, you will be seen by other mortals. We hope you use these new gifts in the right way and fix the chaos Hades has caused. Your job title remains the same, when your scythe is out of its pocket form you will once again return to your invisible state." Hera says and nods at Zeus.

I look down at my once bone hands to find the hands of a human. I stare at awe and shock as I flex my new fingers. I was excited to be seen by humans and join their world. My cloak hugged me in its new suit form. I tapped my scythe and it shrunk into a pocket sized object. I grinned as Hera clicked her fingers and a mirror appears to float in front of me.

"Your looking handsome Reaper." Hera said warmly.

A growl from Zeus leaves Hera to zoom the mirror away. With one strike of lightning from Zeus everything disappears. I stand in the middle of a sand path in a busy park full of active humans. I receive a few angry frowns.

"Your taking up the path!" A women yells as she walks her small white dog.

I smile, finally I am seen. I reach into my silky pocket and take my pocket sized scythe out and tap it was just one name on my mind.


I waited for my vision to clear and find myself in her room. A wild-eyed Rosalie staring at me. I knew I now had to tell her the truth. How else would she understand why she was now connected to my world as well. I knew I didn’t look like my normal skeleton self, but this change was much more appealing to my eyes then I had first thought.

"A gift from the gods!" I exclaim.

I stared at my new human self in another full-length mirror. My arms were an athletic type and looked tight in my new suit. A thick black mess of hair upon my head and the darkest brown eyes stared out against slightly paled skin. I knew Rosalie would have a million questions. But right now I was so focused on my changed self, I couldn’t answer any.

Rosalie spun the mirror around in a wave of frustration. Then she listed off her questions. I sighed pulled her to sit next to me on the bed. The bed now sunk as if I was a normal weight. She had a confused expression on her face.

But Rosalie remained silent patiently, which I was grateful for. I had to decide how the story of my first love would be told. One last breath in, one last breath out, and I began to tell my story. One I had put in the back of mind for so over a century. I had locked away the feelings of hurt and betrayal along with it.

It was rushing back, flashes of Lucy.

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