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Chapter 16: Shes A Predator

The doorway between the afterlife and earth was a sacred place, locked out to anyone who wasn’t a soul or The Reaper. Yet the creature that growled in the dark corner on the rocks was here, Rosalie was holding her breath. The new soul I had collected was staring at the dark mass in bewilderment. I tighten my grip on my scythe, no one would mess with my duties.

Lucy had gone beyond a sane level of jealousy. To mess with lost souls and potentially tip the balance of the doorways or kill pending souls on their last walk did not sit well with me. The creature lunched itself in Rosalie’s direction, only to be hooked and thrown into the dark waters beneath my boat.

I held my breath waiting for it to show itself from the depth. I pushed Rosalie behind me and she gripped onto the shivering Anton as he stood stiffly. Bubbles began to pop on the surface, I knew the creature was close.

It sprayed water everywhere as it launched itself into the air, snarling at my face as it flew into me. I smiled, I aimed the tip of my scythe and stabbed it right in the stomach. Its growls echoed to eventual silence. Rosalie moved from Anton and held to my arm, staring at the waters as if more may leap out.

I assured them both it was just the one, enough time had passed for more to show themselves. We climbed onto the boat, the lamp glowing its warm light allowing a calm to wash over us. We reached the Arch to the afterlife, I watched Anton take a breath and then proceed to walk through it.

I turn to Rosalie who still sat in the boat. I whisper she is safe with me into her ear after I climb into the boat. It sails down the waters of the dark cave. The light from the earth doorway is once again shining in our eyes. I can feel something is waiting, my heart is beating fast.

I press Rosalie against me as we walk through the earth doorway. Only this does not feel like earth. The surroundings of this desert-like place only consists of dead plants and red sand. The wind blows around us, the sand trying to force its way into our eyes. But I look away from the wind and cover Rosalie’s face with my chest. A whisper circles around us, a high laugh echoes in my hearing range. A shudder runs down my back as I recognise the laugh. Her figure appears a few meters away, she is almost unrecognisably.

I tap my scythe and the doorway appears once again, I will not allow Rosalie to be hurt. I pull her through the doorway. Only to met with a glowing set of bloody eyes. Her hollow laugh escapes her throat and it sends another round of shivers down my back. I pull Rosalie once more through the doorway, we land unsteadily in her apartment. The array is still the same as I left it. I have no time to explain to Rosalie yet she silently seems to already know. She takes in shallow breaths as she stares around the room.

A lingering cold hand is ever so gently stroking down my back. I know I will have to face her, running is pointless. I am The Reaper, unafraid of what most humans fear above all fears. Death. Lucy is smiling as I turn around, I keep Rosalie hugged to the side of me. Her fingers are curling into my shirt as she shivers at the pure sight of Lucy. I knew she wondered how I had ever loved this beast. Lucy had changed dramatically under Hade’s wrath.

I grew angry at how much hades would be enjoying this scene. This type of genre was exactly what he loved to watch from his dark castle in the underworld. I had met him only a handful of times, sometimes to bring the worst of the worst souls to him in fear they would try to escape my grasp as I drag them to their final fate. Lucys manic laugh is echoing as if in the cave, yet we are in Rosalie’s apartment.

Lucy is beginning to mock Rosalie. Her voice is like sandpaper and her words are far above her normal verses. I knew she was to far gone to be saved, I held little hope to talk her down from the ledge. I carried that hope with every soul that leaned on the lost side, I held nothing but hope to help those that needed and wanted it. This was my job as The Reaper, yet Lucy’s case seemed to be beyond lost. Hades had sunk in his claws and was going to force me to kill her. I had to keep the living safe from the dead.

Which was exactly what Lucy was now, a creature of the dead and the depths of darkness. Created from the deep heartbreak of love and despair. She had thought by betraying me and become a piece of me she would seal me forever. I cannot love someone who would betray the person they love. I also could never love the creature she had turned into to win me back.

Lucy tried to reach out to Rosalie, holding a shivering hand that consisted of pale blue skin out. Her face twisted into a toothy smile. Rosalie just clung to me, she refused to look at lucy. In response to this, Lucy cackled loudly. Slowly a growl rumbled from her chest. I pushed Rosalie behind me, as Lucy pounced and hit my chest. Her claws leaving rips as she attempted to stand straight.

She strolled in a circle around as, like a predator hunting its prey, I waited for her next move.

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