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Chapter 6: A Short Visit

While I waited for Derek, a creature now made from his own hauntingly dark past. Finally, the lost soul of Derek sprints towards Debbie and Edna. I am The Reaper; I have to protect the souls from these balls of darkness who will feed on them until they too are filled with nothing but the negative. I hold my scythe tight, bracing myself for the impact.

"Three...Two...One..." I count down.

As if Derek were a baseball I swung the blade of my scythe into his soul. The perfect hit, but a moment of sadness as his soul faded into nothing. Derek would have no eternity, he was now nothing. I was the only one who held the power to end lost souls; it was the kindest thing for them.

I tapped on the ground, the golden door appearing for Debbie and Edna. I took them to the bright arch, wishing them on their way as they begin their eternity’s. I hope they have made it to the land of harmony and light.

They were strong, admirable women, they deserved a good eternity. I wished I had walked Derek to his last doors. My heart was always’s left heavy when a soul becomes that dark from abusers. The memories haunt me for my entire existence.

I had an urge to see Rosalie. The darkness of all the sad abused souls may fade with her in my mind. I was still yet to understand why I felt this way towards a human. I wondered if she had ever thought about me since the moment she asked me to let her live. The cloud’s of doubt shadowed my mind, who would care for a creature like The Reaper.

No one will call me by my name, Charon. I am just called The Reaper and labelled dark and evil. Yet I tap my scythe on the ground. Despite a shadow of doubt spinning around in my head, I have to see her just once more.

"Once more..." I echo.

I am standing just outside her door, the lights are dim and the windows reflect nothing but a night sky. Rosalie is sleeping, her eyes are shut and her chest rises up and down slowly. Her monitors and cords that control the beeping are all over her body. They have attached a bag of liquid to a tube that goes under her skin.

"Sleep well..." I whisper.

I move closer, close enough to hear her steady breathing. It calms me, like the waves in Alfred’s memories. I want to touch her hair, it looks healthier than the last time I saw her. She stirs, murmuring in her sleep. Rosalie’s voice was soft and angelic to me, I wanted to hear it so much more.

Her eyes were suddenly open, as if she knew she wasn’t alone. I wanted to fade away. My heart seemed to skip a beat. Yet I couldn’t move, I was here frozen. I wanted her to see me, to not fear me. I wanted someone to know I wasn’t the ugly myth, I am written as.

"Just one..." I whisper.

Just one person who could convince other’s death wasn’t so bad. Perhaps someone who would care for me, who could me down from the ledge when I am too far into a lost soul’s mind. A soul who would walk beside me and ground me. If not to love me, but to be a friend.

Rosalie was sitting up, her face stared at me. She had a look of confusion. She looked over her arms. She pinched her cheek, said ouch, and then stared at me again. I was still stuck, frozen. It was clear she could see me and it made me uncertain.

"What are you?" She breathes.

We seemed to be locked in this battle, fighting logic in our brains. Rosalie pointed at me, squinted her eyes, and then shut them. She attempted this on three occasions; I had never seen a human act this way. Rosalie sighed, she looked down and asked.

"Am I dead?"

It took me a moment to find my voice, I did my best to explain that she was not. I knew that despite my history of keep calm; I was stuttering. She only seemed to laugh at my stuttering, asking how death could be so scared.

"You heart beats." I tell her.

"Why can I see you?" She asks.

"It is a mystery to me as well." I respond.

I smiled, growing lost as her beauty seemed to grow on me. A bell interrupted me as it rang in my ears. I was almost mad to hear it, but I was death and this was another soul. Perhaps this soul would leave a lighter imprint than Derek.


I didn’t want to leave Rosalie, her warm laugh left me needing more. It pained me as I said my goodbye and tapped my scythe. The ground-shaking and a loud bang echoing as the hospital surroundings disappeared.

"Goodbye, sweet Rosalie." I whisper.

I found myself in a room, a dark room. The light was dim, and the bed was against the wall facing the window. A small monitor beeped casually beside him. They had pulled the curtains shut, blocking out most light.


The walls were painted a deep maroon colour, black and white pictures were framed neatly and hung on the walls. A tray with a vase container one red rose was near the bed, I could hear a soft breathing as I walked closer. Dark blue bed-sheets hung loosely from the hospital type bed.

I went to the front of the bed, to see my newest soul to be. I stared down at him, his eyes shut, a mask that flowed oxygen to his lungs covered his nose and mouth.

An adolescent man walked in. His face seemed to be filled with pain as he spoke to the old man. The beeping slowed, a familiar rush of memories were flowing. I hoped they would be pleasant, I needed something beautiful to get me past Derek. The man’s information is flowing now.

"I am now, it is okay to go." The adolescent man says.

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