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Chapter 8: Played Like A Fool

I await for my eyes to once again clear. I look around as I rest in a pretty woodland, a deer pauses and gawks at me. They know I am here, mortals will never experience this. As per the rules of the gods. The deer continues her way through the woodland, unfazed by my existence.

"How lovely." I whisper with awe.

I cherish the delicate silence and scene of the wooded forest. The sun’s rays are casting through the inconsistencies in the branches and establishing warm beams of light. A series of footsteps and a recognisable face makes my mind to reach over bored as I furiously stare at her.

"How dare she return!" I scowl.

She is not dying, no she is immortal. She cheated death and stole from me. Now she dares call me here. Her long hair is in a plat and hung on the side of her diamond shaped face. She smiled at me excitably, reaching out for my hand. I refused to give in to her child-like maturity and stood persistently in my place. Instead, she strolled to me and brushed my black cloak. I dragged my cloak out of her touch and looked at her disgustedly.

" Oh how I have missed you, Charon!" She exclaims.

She mumbled how I use to never care how she touched me, how I have changed and have turned cold. I cautioned her how so had changed herself immortal after embezzling a fiber from my cloak. She chuckled as if I had told the most entertaining tale. While I stood there rigid and full of resentment.

"You betrayed me!" I say with a growl.

This woman had not only cheated death, she urged me to spare her from the plague like sickness raging over her body. She had seen me as her heartbeat had slowed. She begged me to help. Just like Rosalie, I became fond of her. She later discovered the mysteries of the god-given cloak I wore.

Cutting one short sample of string and stitching it into her skin. Becoming immortal and learning I could never hurt a living mortal. This woman broke my heart the first time. The very reason I remind myself, I am Charon, The Ferryman and The Reaper.

I am a myth; I am the unseen and unknown. I let the rumours the humans create about me spread so they will never grasp my secrets just as she had. Now she called me using her immortal power and the attachment she had stitched into her arm.

Yet she thinks I will give into her fake smile and beautiful face, just I did the first time. The gods cannot touch her either, they saved her life just as I did. I had asked them for aid just I as I had with Rosalie. The women in front of me had played us all. The only god who smirked at her presence on earth was Hade’s as he licked his lips at the chaos.

" You reek of deceit." I say bluntly.

She reached for my cloak again, but I recoiled out of reach from her petite fingers. Her beautiful self had not aged a single day since I last seen her, at least a hundred years ago.

"Charon..." she whispers.

I stunned her at my recoil, questioning why I would not give in. She was staring into my eyes, looking for answers. I was not even sure why I was entertaining her here. I wanted to leave, I could not stand her presence any longer.

"Do not touch me." I hiss.

I almost tapped my scythe, but the words that left her mouth infuriated me. I turned around in shock, wondering how she could have possibly known her name. She whispered the words again, a look of disgust all over her face.

"Rosalie Ivy…" the words left her mouth slowly.

She smiled smugly at my reaction. She knew how to rattle my bones and create a nervousness inside me. I stared at her, waiting for her next words, because she had planned this. A hundred years on and now she was jealous?

She rattled on about how she had been thinking about our time, how I cared for her. She ranted about men never understanding her. She quoted she needs a man that will save a life. Apparently, she went to talk to me the day the bell rang for Rosalie. She created a portal that brought her to me. She had stood in the hall that day.

"I want us back." She cries.

Her eyes clouded over, a slight tear escaping to the earth below as she recounted the events of how I had saved Rosalie. Her last word being how I would walk Rosalie to the doors of the afterlife sooner than later. Her words stung like she had spat venom at me before I could respond she had turned herself into nothing more than a whisper of wind.

"You will never touch her." I whisper.

I had not given her extra abilities, I could only assume Hades had played his card in this fresh game. Yet I worried for Rosalie, she could not harm me, but Rosalie could be. I know the gods will not step in, I will have to act as her protector. I was unsure what her plan was, but someone full of rage and jealousy could very much act like a lost soul. She would be unpredictable, unstable, and she had found her way to break me. Rosalie did not understand the world she had just been pulled into and this was my fault. I should have stuck to my vow and I should never have interfered. The gods will just laugh at this latest development.

I had to make my way to Rosalie; I had to protect her and catch souls. I sighed, her name was in my head. This was what this evil beauty wanted, she wanted to uproot my peaceful life. I knew this time, I could end her. She was no longer just part of me, Hades had turned her into something else…

I had one last thought in my head before I tapped my scythe.

"You played me for a fool Lucy, but not this time." I hiss.

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