Breach of Duty

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In his obsession to catch a criminal genius, Cal will sacrifice everything - including trust in his team. Cal Dane has been undercover for too long. His ratty rental apartment smells like someone else’s life, and his dreads itch abominably. But his obsession to catch Wayde Logan - the man he let escape years ago - is growing. Paranoia grips him at every turn - even when the perfectly pouty Mandy falls into his lap. Too many people know his true identity. Worried his cover will be blown before he can delve deep enough into Logan’s criminal network, Cal begins to make mistakes, suspecting there might be a mole inside his task force unit. But if Cal can’t trust his team, who can he trust? Breach of Duty is a short-read prequel to the Blue Blooded Brothers series.

Thriller / Action
Sofia Aves
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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