A ripple in reality

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Darkness seeps in around me, seemingly pulling me in from every angle with nothing but my nails forcefully dug into the dirt too stop the unknown force from pulling me in. Every breath just seems to get shorter and shorter as my strength fades from my body ever so slowly.

As I get closer and closer to the unknown darkness, more and more blood starts to fill my throat, now making it seem impossible to get even a single breathe out of my trembling body. I can feel the darkness forcefully entering my body, making me flinch in pain as i scream internally no longer able to make a sound from the blood gargling out of my twisted figure.

Consciousness only seems to fade in and out, as I slowly start to close my eyes in acceptance. I can feel the darkness fully engulf me with an earth shattering force. One I have never felt before, as the sound of children screaming and bombs igniting fills my ears, it only seems to linger and echo throughout my mind..

What dose all mean?

How did this even happen?

Is everyone okay?

All these questions with no answers just keep jumbling and adding upon themselves, almost like they're multiplying into what feels like a state of pure panic and fear.

And then.

It all stopped.

With stinging tears now streaming down my face, I launch up and start scanning my surroundings. Panting aggressivly I launch out of my bed and out to the dining room, only to see my mother and sister both seated at the dining table , discussing something I just can't seem to hear nor understand.

Was it all really just a dream?

Why did this happen again?

With a deep sigh and a slouch now adding to my already bad posture, I make my way to the table.

"Hey honey, is everything okay? You made a lot of noise on your way here, and you look like a mess" as my mother states with a worried yet annoyed tone, I can feel her glare me up and down. trying to observe any signs of what might of happened.

"Oh ahah.. it was nothing ! I swear " I chuckled with a forced grin.

Giving me one more look, my mother seems to only just buy it. As a sigh passes her lips gently, she then makes eye contact with me while forming a caring yet warm smile. Then looks away only to in delved herself back into hers and my sister's conversation.

That was weird..

My mother would have normally been quite persistent when it comes to situations like this, but then again I can't really say this is the first time. No wonder she would just start thinking of it as a normal occurrence, I mean any normal person would. But that dream I had, it makes me feel like I'm changing in a way I can't yet comprehend. Something's going to happen..

Or maybe I'm just thinking about this whole dream thing too deeply.. shaking my head as if to shake off all the unnecessary thoughts that made me feel so unsure about this whole thing. I start to make my way to the kitchen with my hands shoved deeply within in my pockets, as if to hide the hide the fact that yes, I was terrified.

But to as what scared me to make me act this way?

not even I can answer that, not right now atleast.

All I can do is hope I'm not right about this whole "dream" thing actually meaning something.

I can't be..

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