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Ghost Sasquatch Mystery

Thriller / Mystery
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Sasquatch In Alabama

Samantha Rebecca and I headed down to Alabamato research Sasquatch we went on aWednesday morning Got to Huntsville the by 4:00 P.M. tt was middle September. Stayed at a Hotel it was beautiful this time of year,. We look for the camp ground near the mountains we found or cabin modern furnish with furniture,appliances,electricity, water. 11/2 baths two bedrooms fireplace. It was 6:00 P.M. We arrive , Time to eat supper rest for a hour before supper we were a quarter of a mile from the mountains lake within half mile from cabin. It started to get dark it was Samantha and Rebecca reading books I was watching tv we went to bed early we had to get up eat breakfast and head to a grocery to load up for a few days.10 miles both ways .Samantha cook breakfast eggs bacon toast coffee . Than we three took a hike up the trail where there Sightings of Sasquatch. A 10 mile hike round trip I was the Photographer and aid to Samantha and Rebecca we found large tracks in the mud Rebecca took plaster of Paris castings.We had them set to dry before moving we came back a couple hours to get the casting wrap separately put in empty back pack. Headed back to the cabin. We stop by the lake to look for tracks along the shoreline Samantha spotted the large tracks 18 " inches long. and was time for lunch Got back to cabin ate lunch and took a short nap. Woke up at 2:00 P.M. There was a knock on the doorI look abou the window it was a Park Ranger giving us information on the area, there was a creature wondering through the mountain area.I told Him that I 'am a Sasqatchbeing torn up by a Sasquatch nearly eaten down to the bones it left me for dead until the Park ranger show up like a calvery.shot the Creature just in time they belive it was dead. I had a semiautomatic45in a shoulder holster We woke up at 7:00 A.M. Had breakfast made cereal milk, coffee. Got hiking boots went to lake up a new trail With Samantha's and Rebecca Samantha found corse dark brown hair hanging from a tree branch, Bag it and went down new trail using a GPS. WE Could smell something rotten like a skunk in the area half mile we were down wind It was a Sasquatch we couldn't see it yet we can hear it walking through the forest branches breaking off trees the smell was getting closer.Now knowing the creature was headind our way we turn around and headed back to the cabin I still had the 45 pistol in myshoulder holster. It stood 7'1/2 ft tall three ft. between shoulders long brown black long hair, staring at each other face to face snap a coupIe photos without flash.I didn't belive He was going to bring harm to anyone. I had a couple jelly rolls and doughnuts to give it a way to communicate with each other my wife and Rebecca to slowly walk back to cabin and call Park rangers office they show up Samantha gave them directions to get where I was they got to the area I told them not to shoot unless it attack us. It went ahead ate the rolls and doughnuts we went back down the. trail Park rangers and I told them that the Sasquatch would just vanish like it went into another portal or another dimension Sunday night came it wonder into camp Looking for food . We were leaving next morning it threw rocks at cabin also hitting car. Look out the door of cabin and saw the the whole family was there they were standing 25 'ft from the cabin it howl It woke up Samantha and Rebecca they came to door to see them I took extra food out there they gather together and eat it took some back to to the mountainside the first. We went back to bed after locking up cabin went bac k to sleep woke up next morning everything was good we had Rebecca cook breakfast clean cabin out lock door . Headed back to Kansas.

The end

Starwriter Jerry G. Smith


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