The girl with a grudge

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I lie down seeing the sky getting a pink glow as if it is blushing. Watching the sky makes me feel contented. Avi lies beside me. "I can't believe our exams are finally over and we're gonna get into the real world very soon Saha. What if whatever we learned and have known is not enough and". I cut off Avi "You already know what we are gonna do right, Avi? Or are you having any second thoughts"? Avi shook his head. "No Saha I don't have any second thoughts or whatsoever. Its that we just completed our graduation and the world, it's far wiser than us. Aren't you afraid, even a bit?" "Of course I'm afraid Avi, about what would happen if we fail to do our part." Avi smiles and holds my hand "That's right girl. Let's go get the real deal". Can a girl change the world for good?

Thriller / Action
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What the hell! The time is getting over. Saha, you should totally stop dreaming in the classes. Oh, forget it. I see we hadn't had a proper introduction yet. I am Saha, Sahasra Bhalia, the least known student in the college. I don't have many good grades just because I follow "A single piece of paper doesn't define me" or whatever. I just don't like attending college and giving exams.

I love reading a lot of books by getting cozy in the comfort of my room with music melodizing the room. My parents are rich and busy and I don't have much interaction with them. So my sociality is confined to my best friend Avi, Avinash Kaur, his twin and my bestie Ravali and to my wonder till this day, my boyfriend Mohan Tilak.

My love story is not much of an interesting one. So let me get you on the secret about me. I'm stubborn, selfish and an introvert with a lot of pride. Now you think it is not wrong for me to have a small social circle right. I know. So when I saw the opportunity I get with Mohan being the son of the Principal, I took it. Don't be too judgemental people.

"Hey Sahasra, how was your exam?" Mohan asked coming towards me. "I told you we were gonna get the swapping program. I wrote it exceptionally well". He started flaunting out his intelligence by blabbering out the code which he wrote in the exam. With this, he gathered a group of students intentionally. Ughh! I hate this.

"Saha c'mon let's get some lunch I'm so hungry", came my leverage in the form of Avi. "Yeah coming Avi" I responded and started to move from the group which turned into a mini discussion arena. Mohan caught my hand and stopped me."Hey, don't leave me here, I may get lost", he stated with a wink and a stupid grin which earned a lot of boos from the disgusting crowd.

"How come you didn't write the exam well even after I literally explained the entire paper to you?" asked Mohan to my dismay so as to continue his dumb discussion. "Okay, let's just say, Saha, swapped the swap prog into a nap and executed it with full marks" stated Ravali my life-saving gal "and stop that freaking exam discussion right now!" Mohan was taken aback. He never really liked Ravali and Avi. He just hangs out with them because of me. But he dropped the topic nonetheless. "Let's have a party tonight? Whatsay?" asked Mohan already planning things.

This was one of the many things I hate about him. He always plans and thinks about what is going to happen later instead of worrying about now. Being me who hates parties, and needed a break from him told "But I have badminton practice in the evening, you guys can carry on. I and Avi might join you late." "I've always told you to drop out of the team, I really don't like you spending much time and interest in things not relating to me" Mohan stated blatantly. "But your father doesn't think in the same lines as you," I told him biting on my sandwich. "But your father doesn't think in the same lines as you, Saha" came a voice from the one person whom I would've murdered years ago if not for her and my parents being close friends and partners in business, Mehak.

Mehak Arora, the most popular girl in the campus. Every boy would want to spend time with her. But if they spend time, they would know for real who she is and that speculations don't tell about a person. Hater much? Oh, you will know once you start getting to know her.

"And see poor Mohan like me wants a break from the studies as he has been so engrossed in it, unlike some people whom I have the unfortunate of talking to" added Mehak. "Oh if you feel it's so waste of time then why come and shit us with your voice Mehak? Go gather your shit and move on to the trash can. Oh, I'm so sorry is it already full of pukes 'cause of your presence?" I added with innocent looking eyes and high-fived with Ravali. "I'm gonna get you someday Sahasra," said Mehak in a murderous tone. "Till then take a left and shit off somewhere else" I added as she was going. She always fancied Mohan and was so furious that Mohan chose me over her.

"What about the party Sahasra?" Mohan pleaded with puppy eyes which no one can say no to. Ok lemme confess, Mohan is handsome, good, intelligent, and planned. It's me that is a little different. I couldn't say no to him. So I say "ok then I'll come over as soon as possible" and smile after seeing his beautiful dimples."PDA alert!" Avi exclaimed and ran out and I race after him. I'm gonna get you bastard!

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