The Hunter

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A man who save three young kids and decides to raise them as his own but finds out they are not normal like he first thought. He questions weather or not he should keep raising them as they may be in a lot of danger.

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The Crash

"God it's so cold" he said laughing to himself. "I really hope those deer hurry up and walk my way." The hunter was about a mile form the main road. He had been waiting in his treestand for about a day in a half when he decided that he would head home.

As he climed down the tree. He heard the screeching of the tires, the awful sound of the glass breaking and the the sounds of metal bending echo as the car rolled down the embankment. Then finally he heard the echo of the vehicle hitting something and then dead silence.

As he ran towards the smell of smoke not knowing how much time he had to help the people inside. When he finally found the car, he cheched the driver seat. He saw the woman that was driving was unconscious. He tried the wake her, as he was forced on her he heard the crying from the back seat. He the climbed on top of the car (left side).

He carefully smashed the trunk windows of the van. He the carefully climbing in the back of the van. He gasped as he realized that there was more the one child in the van to save. As he pulled the first newborn out of the van he heard the woman moan in pain.

He carefully cut the straps of the carseat. Checking each child to make sure the were still breathing. He took off his winter caot wrapping the infant. Then the place the now sleeping baby behind a tree about 10 feet away from the van. He ran back to the van a tried to open the driver side door the get the mother.

Amy looked at the stranger and shook her head as she noticed he was trying to free her. She slowly poited at the back seat, unable to say anything do to the pain and loss of blood.

As he tried opening the women's door he saw her shaking her haed and the point at the back seat where her other to kids were. He knew what she was saying without her words. He hurried to the back of the van carefully cut the little boys belt and then the second infant's beats. Before exiting the van with the children he saw the light leave the women's eyes.

They barely made it behind the tree where the first child laid when the van explored.

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