Safe Space

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A normal 15 year old girl is in a costume of perfection until the murder strikes in Maplewood. . Read to find out!!

Thriller / Drama
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I was just an ordinary girl you can say. I am a A+ student, a star athlete, and the perfect person people say. But there were my faults they couldn't see I was angry on the inside and I couldn't let it go. Its not like I came from a damaging family, my mom. was a scientist while my dad is a lawyer. I have a little brother named Jackson. My parents got married at 28 and had to 2 kids a star athlete and a creative genius. You can say I almost have the perfect life with the perfect family but the only problem was me on the inside not the outside. It was always the little things that I did which I knew I was different from the other kids like for example if I went to a funeral their was no emotions in me but when I saw others reaction I learned how to imitate feelings like crying. Or when I was angry I would black out. I would go to a special place I called it the '' safe space" when I was a kid.

The special place was a zone that all the temper tantrums and dark thoughts would come back to me. One memory that would always come back to me is that the time I held a bowling ball over my little cousin's head it looked like I was just being a 5 year old kid but there were flashes of blood in my mind that intrigued me. When I got older the flashes stopped and I grew my perfect child agenda. But the visions would always come back in my nightmares. But I didn't know that this tragedy would strike and change everything!

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