Safe Space

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October 5th

It was a normal day when it happened it was October 5th. Police were rushing, news reports, and rumors were spreading. They had just found the body of 15 year old, Austin Jones. Austin was the popular guy who was a normal boy. He was on the football team with decent grades. His family were middle class he had two older brothers they looked like a normal happy family. The police were investigating on this case because his Austin’s uncle was on the police force. Rumors came up about Austin that he killed himself, or that their was a psycho murderer on the loose making a statement. It went crazy the football team was talking and making memorials of him. I only saw Austin walk around the hallways we would look at each other. He had pale skin, with light hazel eyes with dark brown hair slicked back. But even with his status he had his faults he was cocky and had many rumors about him that were disgusting. He was a bully and dehumanized girls a part of me thought about it in the safe space.

During my freshman psychology class we were talking about hunters and prey. The history teacher said when the hunter sees the prey it finds camouflage for the element of surprise. Then two people knocked on the door and the teacher opened the door. The two people were detective talked about the Austin's death and how he gives his condolences to his classmates. While the detective talking the other detective looked at the class scanning us while the other detective was talking. I was the only one I thought notice the other detective scanning the classmates. 2 seconds me and the detective eyes stared at each other. It was like she stared in my soul like a wolf. While I stared back with no emotion showing her I wasn't scared of her. After the conversation about Austin's death they left but as soon as she closed the door she looked at me. After psychology class I thought about the detective's eyes and my emotion. When I got home and finished my homework and thats what all I could think about.

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