Safe Space

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Search Party

In our town of course this death was a shocker and everyone was freaking out. But all I could think is about that detective with her brooding grey eyes like a silver wolf. On our local news they were spreading awareness to Austin with memorial services and moments of silence for him. With my mom being a scientist she was held at overtime in this case for tests on DNA while dad was looking at evidence for this case. It was calm their were assemblies and services at school it was everything that was talked about in school.

On the news Austin’s mother was pleading for her son and crying. She said their was going to be a search party at dawn to find evidence to help law enforcement and said that the more the merrier to help find clues to find her son’s killer. And of course with everyone texting each other about the search party I had to go because Dad made me because it would look good because he was running for District Attorney.

So I did the police force was there and about 150 people were there. First we went to the ditch where Austin’s body was found. Then we went to the to woods because everyone know if your serial killer you’re probably going to hide evidence in the woods. We started to separate in groups their was a quarter of kids at my school. So I joined a group there were 3 boys and another girl. The 2 boys in the groups were identical twins they had dark brown hair with baby blue eyes. One’s hair had messy curls while the other one had crewcut. They had matching football jackets on the same ones that Austin wore. While the other girl was a cheerleader and I recognized her. She was a redhead with waves and tan skin. Then I realized that was Aria Reyes, she was one of Austin’s ex- girlfriends. The other boy in the group was different I have never seen or met him before. He was light skin with grey eyes in a black leather jacket with ripped jeans with a black pompadour holding a notebook or a journal.

I was scanning him because I have have never seen him ever in my life. After that he stared back at me I looked back into his eyes they were like a wolf it reminded me about the detective’s stare. In a couple of seconds the twins went and we started a lookout while the others were talking and moving farther away the boy was getting closer to me. He said Hi, introduced himself he said “he was sorry if he creeped me out”. He told me he was new in town and that his mom just got a promotion in the town to become a detective. He asked me about myself in all my years of life nobody asked me about anything. So told him about myself and my family. Then he told me about his father and how he was killed in action in the army when he was 10 and how its been 5 years since it death and how is mom made him got to therapy. He told me he had the journal because his therapist made him write down his feeling and reflect on himself.

He talked about how he was transferring to the my school and how wished that his mom wasn’t all focus on the Jones’ case . It was getting darker at night and I felt our conversation couldn’t never stop. He got closer to my lips and I got closer to his lips. Then a loud voice out of nowhere yelled ” I found a knife”. After this the police force came in the woods and brought everyone back to the ditch and spread the news. All I could really think about is him. He came back and said this sorry that we couldn’t finish what we were talking about. He wrote down something in his journal and ripped it out. He gave me the piece of paper and said that his mom wanted him to come home.

When he ran I shouted what's your name he said Noah but they call me Slater. Then he looked back and asked me what's mine I said my name is Gianna but they called me Gigi. He ran off to a distance. After that I headed home and looked at the paper it had a phone number on it 206-436-796.

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