Safe Space

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With a smiley face on the page. Noah gave me a feeling I never had with anybody in this town. Every boy in this town were either players, jocks, cocky, and were way in over his head. But all I could think about is his mysterious and beautiful stone cold wolf grey eyes. To distract myself from thinking about him I turned on the news. Every local news channel broadcasted that new evidence in the Austin Jones’ case. That a knife has been found and that this might me the murder weapon.

I went on my phone and texted the number that was given on me. I thought what I should text him so I just text a normal hi and said this is Gianna the girl from the search party. In a few minutes he texted back saying hey and that he would really like someone to help him adjust to the town so I invited him to the town’s origin party, Maplewood. I told him that when you come to school on Tuesday Maplewood Day will be mentioned in school for the next past few days. He and I texted about the town and we talked a little bit about the Jones Case but didn’t take it that serious because I told him about how he wasn’t like an angel when he was alive like the news and people portrayed him out to be. As Noah said perfectly he was just some cocky rude jock that was killed and is now publicized as an angel. We spent hours talking into it was 11:30 pm. My dad came in my room telling me that his team was going to have photo ops of the family and that to put on my show people and to look good for him at Maplewood Day. Then he told me to go to sleep and get my beauty rest for the photo op.

Next Day was the photo op my dad’s campaign team manager made us take photos around the town’s historical sites to make my dad look patriotical to the voters. All I could think about is texting Noah. When we got home it was late and I had school tomorrow so I went to bed. When I went to sleep I saw younger me at the bowling alley holding the bowling ball over that little boy. And then I realized the boy that was under the bowling ball was not my little cousin but Austin. It haunted me because maybe that's why I was triggered into not having empathy towards death. I couldn't stop thinking about Austin and how maybe he was the start of the safe space and the attacks on me. I couldn't sleep that night.

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