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Aria was a popular cheerleader who was in that group of cheerleaders that are the HBICS. Aria was that girl who everyone thought would be a child star or a model. She was known because she did photos for modeling agencies but the thing that she loved the most was show pageants. She would of become Ms Maplewood or go on as Mrs. America if it wasn't for this headline.

Local Pageant Coach Arrested For Embezzlement And Child Molestation.

When this headline hit her pageant career was killed. Aria's mom cut her career off and then dropped her talents in cheerleading. When she first started cheerleading she hated it but then she realized that pageants and cheerleading were a similar. You didn't have to the prettiest, the skinniest, the whitest, or the dumbest. You just had to have confidence.She worked her way to be the star of the cheerleading team. New Maplewood High has won several cheerleading trophies the team has been on magazines and catalogs. Even with all of this success Aria just wanted to be loved. During her pageants days her dad left home and he told her that he was going to get flowers for her pageant. Aria was happy because her father worked long hours and they didn't talk that much. During the pageant she was pouring heart hoping that her dad would notice and see and be proud of her.

When the pageant finished she ran to look for him to find out that he left her to start a family with his secretary. For about 9 months she would stand by the door waiting for him to come back. Then she realized that everyone is going to leave her in life. But it all changed in our freshman year when she met Austin " Golden Boy" Jones. She remembered everyday he used to stare at her during the cheerleading practices after football. Day after day he put flowers in her locker and wrote letters to her like a gentlemen.

Aria thought he was a gentlemen and felt love because no one showed interested unless it was construction workers who catcalled her while she walked to school. The day Austin asked her out it was in front of a stadium of people the football team won the game the crowd was going wild. Then Austin yelled " Will the beautiful Aria Reyes go out with me." Of course Aria said yes it was Austin Jones the dreamy quarterback showed interest in her.

In their relationship she was adored by others they even became Maplewood's It Teenage Couple. Their relationship seem like a fairytale. But like every fairytale it comes to and end.

It was March 1st it felt like a normal day for Aria. She and Austin would walk to school and would punch anybody that would catcall or insult Aria. Then she and Austin would go to class and study in study hall. After school, Austin would go to football practice while Aria would got to cheerleading practice. At the end of the day Austin and her would walk home. At the end of the day Aria went to search for Austin because practice was over. She searched inside the school and when she got on the field she couldn't believe her eyes. Austin was kissing another cheerleader. That day Aria's heart broke in half, her protector, and the man who was there for her. She stared at them kissing and then Austin looked back and saw her and then she ran, Austin ran back after her. She couldn't believe it did she do something to deserve this.

Everyday since March 1st, Austin would try to apologize or justify his actions and Aria wold just ignore him even though she was in pain. Then she would see Austin act out and act violent against girls and say terrible stuff about her. Aria thought was this her fault that because of her she turned the golden boy into a monster. Rumors arise at school painting Austin as the victim and other rumors that made it seem Aria's fault. She knew that on that day "Everyone is going to leave and betray you so don't get attached''.

When October 5th hit when the news of his death arise she was heartbroken he was the love of her life. She thought of the circumstances of who would killed him. Austin was loved in this town and that if he would took him back would he be different.

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