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Maplewood Day

It was a cheery and happy day in town it was like nothing happened. I was not surprised that this happened this is Maplewood the town of secrets, and lies that is covered up smiles and family portraits. All that I could think about is Austin was his death my fault. Was this the reason that I had no mercy or remorse that he passed. I was mad how he treated girls like Aria and I felt bad for her and how he threw out all that out for nothing. But I could look up about seeing Noah in school. He was actually the first person that I met in this town that wasn't a rude trust fund baby or a softie. That's what this town is all about soft trust fund babies.

I was walking down the street and I saw Aria Reyes she looked sad and I could see why her ex- boyfriend was found murdered. But the other part of me thought why she would be sad he cheated on her and was monster among women. So I slowed down and check on my phone my dad was texting me about the election and to have my best smiles for pictures at the Maplewood Day. Also mom was texting me that she has to DNA evidence for the "Jones' Case''. And that Jackson would sleepover at a friend's house. So I would be home alone but I'm not surprised this happens everyday but I'll get used to it. As my dad says when he wins he election he will be home more and he will help my mom get promoted and have last hours, and also will help make Maplewood great again.

But I didn't care the only person that I've had a connection with in this town is coming. After the walking a block down I went into school. I went to my sophomore english class and then I heard the announcement.

"Can Gianna Ellis come to the office"

I was excited so I kept my mouth shut and shown no emotion. I ran up the stairs and went to the principal's office. There I saw Noah he was wearing a leather jacket with ripped light blue jeans. His hair looked different from last time it was cropped but it looked cute. Principal Penn looked at me and said this is Noah he is new to the school. And by the looks of it you and Mr. Beckett have already met. Principal Penn said take him around school his first class is sophomore english class. When we walked out of the principal office I said hi and he said hi back. Then I looked back at him your last name is really Beckett. Yes ma'am said Noah, we were walking down the hall he was cracking jokes and then our mouths dropped as soon as class started.

Mr. Santiago came and said '' Class we have a new student" He walked up to the front of the class everybody was staring at him. He looked at the class and said Hey, My name is Noah. Knowing Mr. Santiago he was probably going to make us do icebreakers. Everybody said Hi and talked to Noah. In class we were learning about Maplewood English History. Mr. Santiago talked about the most popular story in the town. During the 1800's there was a tragic death in the town which created the largest love story and scandal.

December 9th, 1865

My name is Emma Johnson its been 3 months since I've seen Charles Slate . Even though I've been set to marry John Williams . Even though father needs the money so I have to marry John. Charlie brings up the idea of running away to the Northside and I knew it would be dangerous for him. And that my father and the whole town would kill him.

And everytime I'm with John he looks at me and sees me for my beauty. I will always imagine what our lives would be like. One time when I was supposed to have quality time with John and saw him with another woman. I didn't care because either way I couldn't pursue my passion of poetry.

"Well I'm not a poet, I'm just a woman. And as a woman there's no way for me to make my own money, not enough to earn a living or support my family. And if I had my own money, which I don't. That money would belong to John the moment we got married. And if we had children they would be his not mine. They would be his property. So I know this that marriage will always be an economic preposition because it is. It may not be for him but it definitely is for me."

The moment I met Charles is when I saw him slaving in the fields he was a nice young man he cared about his family. The first conversation we had was about poetry he was my soulmate. We've been seeing each other for a long time hoping we don't get caught. He has written me love letters and poetry.

One night we were together and I couldn't take it I slept with him. My love for him was longing and I didn't care about it at all. He loved me so we kept on seeing each other until the news. John and my father had set the wedding and it would be in the 2 weeks. I knew I couldn't so this looking and Charles upset that I couldn't be his lady.

December 15th, 1865

I felt a little bit nauseous while I was going dress shopping. My mom was talking about John and how we would be a happy family. All now I could think is about Charles and our night together. When we got back I saw Charles in the field with the others sweating he looked sad because of the wedding. But he knew that we were soulmates and he is the love of my life. During dinner my family was rambling about the wedding while me and Charles were looking at each other while he served dinner. That night I felt terrible I was throwing up. I knew with sleeping with Charles there was a chance with having a child. I knew the consequences they would hang Charles and I would be banished and put into a mental asylum.

December 16, 1865,

I went to Charles he was sad but he kept a happy face for me. I had to tell him he sensed that I looked worried he ask me what was wrong. And I told him that I was pregnant. When announced those words he looked bittersweet. He knew if they knew it was his child they would hang him and they would try to kill me and the baby. But he was happy that me and him would have a family.

He talked about running away but I knew it would be impossible because we don't have enough money and also that they would whip Charles for running away. And also the Wedding would be in 7 days.

December 23, 1865,

It was near the holidays the wedding was today all my fears were going to my head. I was touching my stomach knowing that I was having a child. I went to Charles to talk to him we went into the barn and we thought we were alone he was touching my stomach talking about the baby and talking about running away. I was so happy during this moment then I saw my brother, Eric looking at me with hatred and disgust. He ran and I ran after him he was angry. Eric asked me " Did you sleep with him and are you pregnant." I saw it in his eyes his anger I answered yes . He called me horrible names and told me during the wedding he is going to kill Charles. But that the greatest torture is me getting married to John near him.

I knew it I look at John the wedding was finished and he looked at me . And then I saw Eric look at John they both grinned at each other. John came and announce saying one of my properties have been very sneaky so I'm going to punish him. He brought Charles and he brought everyone to a hill they prepared him with a noose. And they hanged him and poured Maple onto his dead body and stabbed him with wood. John and Eric yelled with glee this is a real MapleWood. When he said that I lost it I brought my dad's shotgun and killed all of them. Blood was all over and I saw Charles face I ran across the world to escape. Then I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy I named him Nicholas Charles Slate I knew I couldn't live with the fear of being my son. So I sent him away to an orphanage. That was the worst day of my life when I gave him up. They later found me and put me into mental asylum. I've been writing in this book to make me sane and to the person who reads this to show that I wasn't insane. Everytime I go to sleep I see Charles and me slaughtering John and everyone else at the wedding. And as this last entry this is my goodbye.

When we finished the journal we learned that Emma hanged herself and that the reason we have MapleWood Day is to honor all those who died in the slaughter. After this me and Noah had to part ways for class I tried to hang out with him this afternoon but he had to come home because his mom was coming. When I was walking home I thought about Emma and how I could relate to her visions that she had. When I got home I finished my homework and went to bed.

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