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This work is an exercise inspired piece. Authors have been asked to enter one of their Main Characters into a list and then, using the character/s they entered choose two or three others as friend, foe and lover, From there they remain true to the original genre/s their character came from and include prompts from the event organizers as they go. Some interesting stories are emerging.

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The characters in this book are brought in from other authors from Wattpad who belong to the Golden Quill Society. Any or all of them may appear at one point or another as I write. Please check out their stories on Wattpad as we play off each other perhaps bit, or not at all. Each story is unique.

Gideon is mine

Alanna Quade is mine

Amanda Hillet from @ImTheGirl89

Andrew Hawthorne from @ImTheGirl89

Cora Warner from @MarineBiologie

Sapphire from @Wordsmith001

Arrabelle Barrett from @Storytime 421

Nikolai from @Wild_ROse

Lily from @Wild_Rose

Michael Gordon from @uvuninverse

Midas from @uvuniverse

Death from @DonBoye

Nil from @uvuniverse

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