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Boonie sherloon, her family and friends unware about their powers. Until they lose Liam, Boonie's brother. And her journey towards her magical powers begins

Thriller / Mystery
swetha menon
4.9 14 reviews
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Chapter 1

Hey there! I am Bonnie, I mean Bonnie Sherloons I am going to narrate you about our story. which include my family and friends It all started when I was 17, I found out that I have powers.

My family is inherited with super powers. And my siblings according to ages are Mini, Liam, Arvia, Jenni respectively. My friends also have powers of different sorts, their names are: Sandra Williams, Jessy and Jenna Anderson and Elena Fernandez.

We have different kinds of powers I have 5 elements of the earth such as: land, air, water, fire, sky. Mini has teleportation powers she can go anywhere in the world! Liam does not have any powers but he can draw anyone’s powers. Arvia has flying powers and has invisibility powers. And at last Jennie she has ice powers she can use it if she just thinks about it. My friends have completely different powers Sandra can see ghosts and has physic powers. The twins; Jessy can see the future and Jenna can see the past. Elena has mind reading and super speed powers.

We all lived in peace without knowing our powers, little did we know that there were 2 clans coming for us…

To be continued….

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