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Families running away from the village which follows the tradition of killing females Treating the females as their slaves Where females are nothing but just a mere object... What happen while running away they lost their daughter or forget their daughter in the village itself Will the baby survive or the village head will keep her to make those families pay for their mistakes... Join in for the ride Where even after getting all the happiness Everyone is deprived of happiness.. The journey of little girl ,her survival and struggles Will her prince ever be able to save her.....

Thriller / Romance
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"Nyonika come fast,Its just today otherwise no one will survive"

"manik ,come fast"

"dad ,where is Nandini"

"i think she is with the Murthy's"

"are you sure dad"

"im not sure but last time when i say her she was going towards murty's"

"dad i think everyone had left so may be nandini would also have been with them, let move otherwise we will never be able to get out from this place."

"yes,let move"


"Arjun ,are you sure nandini is with the malhotra's"

"yes Riya you know manik, he will not let nanndu go anywhere alone"

"yes aunty nandu will be with manik only.."

"lets move otherwise will be be stuck here..and its our last chance to save our kids..."


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