A twinless twin

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A strong bond between the two identical twins breaks when one commits suicide strangly leaving a question mark. The world turns out different for the surviving twin. Did she find the reason behind her sister's death? What happened to her life later? This one being my first book, is really so special. Read, share and leave your comments. - Shruthi

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 01

Finally I’m ready to reveal the truth. Before that, let me tell you what had happened earlier. I am Shriya Joseph, working as a costume designer as well as a Youtube vloger.

I suppose my life as much more complicated one than yours. May be I might exaggerate things. But the fact is that things are worse since I lost my sister. Yes I had one who is no more now and I miss her like crazily. Her name was Sherin Joseph, as pretty as her. She’s my twin sister who was five minutes younger than me. We both had this blonde curly hair, brown eyes. We were neither too short nor too high. My friends says that we both have the same smile which is actually weird. I love that compliment though.

Ever since we were born we both held our hands thinking that everything would last for an eternity. We were like the ends of magnets that repels each other being positive and negative. Yeah! We always had different opinions and would end up fighting choosing whose opinion was the better. Yet we never let our fights last more than an hour. We both always stood for each other. I guess she loved me more than I knew. We were like the sun and the moon, shining the brightest with two different kinda characteristics. She was always fond of the color blue and I being opposite, loved pink. She was a football player while I was into badminton. She was an expert in photography, me on the other hand, was a great poser. She captures the moment while I portray them as in art form. Yet we both were fond of dogs which was one thing that we had in common. We both look exactly the same, but I had a scar in my left knee since I fell down from the stairs, when I was 6 years old.

Being identical twins, it was always fun making others fool of who Sherin was and who Shriya was. At times we lied even if people found the right one. Sherin was quite a reserved one while I always end up mingling with people around so fast. She and I had common circle of friends with whom she always opens up. She was completely into theatre arts and loves singing.

At this moment you might wonder as if how she was dead, but until now, I didn’t have the courage to start a conversation about this part with anyone. I would rather just walk away without answering, if someone questions about her. Because every time I think about her death, my heart feels like it is heavier than before and I may burst into tears unable to hold it so long. I’ll skip this part as of now.

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