Mansion Holiday Surprise (#2 Mansion Series)

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Book two. Nightmare Mansion Massacre is book 1. Warning: sex, slight BDSM, murder and 18+. Surf, sun and sand, What can go wrong in the land down under? When Hailey and Malakai land they have their vacation planned. Though where ever this duo goes, murder follows and a trail of bodies are left behind. Swimming with the wild life and the odd sexual encounter spices up the fun they have with the scum. How much trouble can they really get into?

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1. Plane


The taxi ride to the airport didn’t take as long as I’d have thought. Since the town we live by doesn’t have an airport we had to go to the next town over. Which isn’t that bad, it’s only a half hour away. Once I paid the fare, we got out and got out luggage from the trunk of his car. We head inside and make our way over to get our tickets. We wait in line with our stuff in hand. We got here 5 hours before our plane takes off.

A little early? Perhaps. But it’s better to be a bit to early then be late and miss the flight all together. Especially a flight like this that takes roughly 20 hours to get us to where we are going. It would be silly for one to take a risk and miss it. The line moves in front of us. We are next in line to see an agent. Almost all of the terminals have someone standing at it, getting their tickets for their chosen destination.

There’s only one that doesn’t have an agent behind it. Which I’m sure is fine since there’s about 8 others who are open to aid those of us getting our tickets. A couple people leave the terminal and a number on the screen shows the next available agent for us to see. Once we make our way to them the monitor beeps with the other agent’s terminal number.

We get up to the female behind the counter. She smiles to us, but it doesn’t touch her eyes. I’m guessing being in this line of work can be tiring. I can only imagine how some who come can be rude and berate them for only doing their job. Some people don’t understand what common sense is and try to make everyone feel bad around them.

“How may I help you both today.” She asks, with her tired smile. I can hear she’s drained and her smile shows that she might be having a hard day.

“We ordered our tickets online and are picking them up. We are also checking our bags Ma’am.” I say to her with a genuine smile, trying to improve her mood even just slightly.

“Can I have your name and ID please.” She asks. Hailey and I both get out our driver’s license and passport out to show her. She looks them over and finds our tickets. She hands our ID back and we both put them away.

“Busy day so far?” I ask trying to make some polite conversation. She hums slightly, looking at the screen.

“Just a little Sir. But most days are busy here.” She replies, her smile becoming a little less tired and a touch more genuine.

“I can imagine it gets quite hectic. I do hope your day is brighter than you imagine.” Hailey says with a bright smile, trying to get the agent to smile.

“One can only hope Ma’am. I found your tickets. First class, leaving at 11 am to Sydney, Australia for Malakai and Hailey Mansion. Correct?” She asks making sure about the tickets we booked a couple weeks ago.

“Yes, Ma’am that is us.” I say flashing her a toothy grin, causing her to brighten up and blush slightly.

“Here we go. You have a few hours before your plane arrives. I can check your two bags for the flight.” She says typing away. She gets the stickers and bands to go on our suitcases saying what flight we’re on.

“Thank you so much.” Hailey says excited that we’re getting close to our destination.

“No problem. Here’s your tickets and passports. You will want to follow the signs to Gate 14. They will make an announcement when it’s time for you to board. Have a safe and pleasant trip.” She says with a genuine smile. She also hands us our tickets and passports as well.

“Thank you and we will do our best to enjoy our time. Please enjoy the rest of your day.” I say to her putting the ticket and passport in my carry-on bag. She nods her head we head in the direction of our gate. The ding of what terminal is free goes. The cycle continues of people getting their tickets.

We have hours before our plane arrives. To make sure we got here with enough time to find where we are going, we arrived here very early in this morning. There’s already a bunch of people walking around, finding where their flight is. Others arrived and finding where to get their baggage. Some are staff going to the planes they work on. Others work here at the airport in their various roles.

Security, ticket agents, scanning to get into the gated area for the planes, janitorial and the odd restaurant vendor. Lots of people working at an airport to keep it open 24/7. Lots of things go on behind the scenes that we all take for granted so we can get from point a to point b as safely as possible. We get the security check point. We put our bags and anything in our pockets into the bins they provide. Once we do that, we pit it on the conveyer belt to be scanned. One at a time we go through the metal detector.

Hailey goes through and we both are good. We grab out things and continue one. We follow the signs to Gate 14. It’s maybe in the middle of the wall. So, it isn’t too confusing to find. Hailey and I look around, seeing what there is to do at the moment. There is a coffee shop that catches Hailey’s eye. She walks towards it after taking my hand in hers.

I take a look at what they have to offer. Why is it that airport food and drinks are always more expensive? Nothing we can do about it really, but Hailey for sure will need something to eat over the next few hours. We will eat on the plane as well. She goes up to the counter.

“I’d like the blueberry muffin, a bagel with cream cheese, bottle of water and a cookie.” She says to the cashier behind the counter. The person nods, inputting what is being ordered. I step up and the cashier looks at me as I give Hailey a kiss on the cheek. She blushes softly as she waits for me to order something as well.

“I’ll have a cream cheese bagel as well, large coffee with milk and sugar, and this bag of chips.” I say grabbing a small bag of chips by the register. She puts everything into the register. The other person behind the counter starts making our bagels as I pay for our food. I pick up the tray once our food is ready. We sit at a near by table.

I put the bag of chips and her cookie into my bag for later on. We eat silently, watching people hurry to get where they need to be. Kind of mesmerizing watching people scurry along. I sip my coffee as we watch everyone go by. Hailey put the tray away when we finished our bagels. She sips her water. I know we both brought stuff to keep our minds occupied while we wait for the plane and of on the plane as well. Though once on the plane we can also sleep for a while.

I know I will need to sleep. I hope Hailey sleeps on the plane. It is a long flight and we got up before the sun made an appearance today. We get up and take our time walking to our gate. I throw out my coffee cup when I finish the last bit of it. Hailey puts her bottle in her bag for now. People are rushing everywhere for various reasons. How someone doesn’t accidentally run into others more often, I’m not sure. That is until we hear some people getting worked up. I look up and notice some men gesturing towards each other. They head into the bathroom. That should be interesting.

“Stay here I’ll be back.” I say to Hailey. She nods seeing what I saw as well. I head into the bathroom.

“How dare you sleep with my wife. How dare you say that I deserve for her to sleep around.” The shorter man says.

“Yeah and you deserve it for not being there for her when she’s been sick and dying. She needed you. So, she turned to me for comfort and it happened. Many times, and I don’t regret it. I love her.” The other man says back. Of course, its over a woman. They are standing at the far end of the bathroom, not paying attention to anything around them but themselves.

They continued to argue as I stopped listening to them arguing about the woman. Some people don’t realize that they always need to pay attention to there partner. To be there for them no matter what. You make a commitment to them. They get more heated and start throwing punches as I do what I need to.

They both get bloodied hands and faces. The shorter man is losing. His wife cheated on him multiple times because he couldn’t’ be bothered to do what is right for her. The taller man wrapped his hands around the guys throat and chokes him. Brutal for being the one who is the mistress. When he finished he washed his hands.

I make my way to the sink and wash my hand as well. The man looks at me with a side glance. Not sure about what I may have seen. Not that it should matter to him. He killed his friend because of an infidelity. Some people should uphold their vows. I’m thankful for what I have with Hailey. The man walks behind me as I dry off my hands. I wrap my arm around his neck before he could leave the bathroom. I choke him and lay him beside the friend he had killed.

I walk out as if nothing had happened. I run my hands on my shirt lightly as I head back to Hailey. She sips her water slightly, curious about what happened. I know there’s cameras around and I really hope they don’t look at them until after we leave. I grab my stuff and get up. Hailey follows suit as we head off. This way no one can find us easily. I hope.

“The one male killed his friend. I killed the other. I’m sorry.” I whisper to her as we sit in the corner by the door of where we will board. I really don’t want to get caught before our plane. Neither of us can afford getting caught.

“I figured something like that would happen. I was just hoping it would happen in a not so public place and where we can pretend we did nothing love. But I know why you did it.” She says to me, holding onto my hand.

“Yeah I know.” I tell her. She hugs me close and kisses my cheek. We hide out here. Occasionally looking out to see if anyone’s gone into that bathroom. It doesn’t seem like anyone has gone in to find out what happened.

A person stands by the podium to check our plane tickets and passports before boarding the plane. Other passengers meander to the area as well. Its getting close to boarding time. Not much longer. Then we can relax, spread out and enjoy our flight before our vacation can truly start. It’s been a long few hours sitting around waiting for the plane. We shouldn’t have gotten here so early. Yes, it came in handy with the line not being so long to get our tickets. But other then that it’s been tiring just waiting.

Those who have a disability or need an aid start boarding the plane first. A handful step up, show their stuff and board the plane. I’m glad Hailey doesn’t show that much yet. I mean if she was wearing a tight shirt everyone would notice she’s pregnant. I’m glad she wore a looser shirt to not draw too much attention to our children.

After a while the rest of us get to board. We stand and get in line, stretching slightly as we let our cramped legs wake up. The line moves slowly as the person checks everyone’s tickets. We get to the front of the line and show her our tickets. Then we get to go down the tunnel to the plane. Finally, after hours of waiting we can get into the plane.

As we step foot on the plane there’s a flight attendant standing there to check our tickets to help us find our seats. We are in first class so our seats are up front thankfully. She points to a few rows back. 3 A and B. So, we are on the left side of the plane. I put our bags up into the over head compartment before sitting on the aisle seat. I know how much she’ll like watching out of the plane.

She stares out the window looking at everyone’s luggage being put onto the plane. Soon enough we will be taking off and heading to the destination with everyone else on the plane. It will be so much fun. Sleep, eat, play some games and enjoy each others presence on the long flight. It’s worth it.

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