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Hi everyone! Meet Aliana Emerson, a badass girl who you can't drag down. She got everything, loving parents, an annoying brother, and Jason. The one she loves madly. Aliana was in her 2nd year when suddenly Jason left her, saying that he would definitely return. Now, 3 years later, Ace's appearance makes everything worse. The only one that caused her to have nightmares and panic attacks. Now Jason has returned to get Aliana back, but everything goes upside down when Aliana tells Jason about her fiance Evan, the one who loves her so much. What will Jason do to get her back? Why did he leave her for 5 years? And who is Ace? What did he do to her that changed her? ***** Hey guys! Trust me, the story is way better than the summary. # 1 in thrilling # 20 claimed First Published ... June 19, 2020 Last published ... don't know because it's ongoing work. There are some things I want to inform ... it's thrilling, suspenseful, and full of mystery. Some things can make you cry and others can make you laugh. The romance can make u jealous and a few things can make you angry as well. Thank you!!!

Thriller / Romance
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His surprise

Aliana’s POV

“Aaaahhhh,” I screamed, covering my ears.

“Shhh, it’s ok, it’s ok... I’m sorry that you witnessed it,” he uttered.

“Y- y-you k-killed him? W-why?” I stammered.

“Anna?” He held my arm to calm me as he spoke, but I bolted back instantly.

“Why did you kill him?” I asked between hiccups.

“Because he committed a crime...” he chuckled. “Look at yourself, Anna, you’re hell terrified,” he added, moving close by with the silver pistol in his hand. “I’m a person who you should love, don’t be scared,” he added before caressing my cheek. When his gun brushed my cheek, I couldn’t help but let out a slight squeal. He acknowledged it and withdrew his hand.

“I-I’m sorry... I just didn’t realize that I was still holding this,” he replied, shaking it.

I squeezed my eyes to encourage myself, but it didn’t help; I broke down and cried.

“Anna? Don’t cry, baby,” he whispered and tried to wipe my tears, but as soon as his hand stroked my skin, I backed away. He heaved, then took another step forward. I shuddered and again, stepped back, but this time he held my forearm and yanked me to him.

“Shh it’s ok, it’s ok, everything is ok,” he said sweetly, stroking my hair.

My eyes went over the lifeless body on the ground. The fear of being killed like him scared me and I shuddered, then pushed him back.

“I’m begging you, please let me go,” I requested between sobs, joining my hands. His expression toughened as fury crept into his voice.

“Go?” He grabbed my forearms tightly. “How can you say this baby? I love you and you’re supposed to love me too,” he said, now sounding wicked. I winced from the pain, but he didn’t care. “Look here, my love,” he commanded softly, obviously trying to sound polite. His voice rose and he repeated, “Anna, look here.” He sounded dangerous and intimidating, but I still didn’t look at him.

I was wailing. I didn’t have the courage to face him—he had executed a person for not giving me my food on time, yet he had been ten minutes late. How could he kill someone for such a minor reason?

“I said look at me!” he roared, jerking me off. I lurched and fell on my butt.

My eyes were closed, but tears were streaming uncontrollably. Then I heard another shout.


Whenever I think about those days, shivers pass through my body. Those four days were dreadful nightmares for me.

“YOU’RE MINE! Did you hear me? YOU ARE MINE!”

His voice always gives me goosebumps. I always curse myself for everything that happened, because it was my fault—it was my mistake. It was—tring! Tring! Tring!

The ringing of my doorbell brought me back to reality. He’s nowhere. I’m safe and secure—

Tring! Tring! Tring!“Coming!” I said loudly, before examining myself in the mirror one last time.

Taking out a shivery sigh I put out some swirls to hide the scar on my forehead, given by my captor. This minor wound always evokes memories of his face—those ocean green eyes, that evil smirk...Tring! Tring! Tring!

Shaking my head I dashed towards the door and jolt it open, there he is, standing in a casual outfit behind a bouquet of tulips.

“Evan!” I exclaimed, chuckling.

“I’m not Evan,” he joked.

“Yes, you are Evan,” I responded, snatching the bouquet of flowers.

“How did you recognize me?” He asked in disbelief, placing his hands on his waist.

Such a poor actor

“I got intuition of you,” I said, then sniffed the scent of tulips.

“Yeah, yeah, so? You’re ready?“.

“Can’t you see?” I replied, lifting my eyebrows.

He stared at me with those piercing blue eyes and suddenly hauled me by my wrist and caged me between his hand.

“Well, I can see that late, but eventually, I’m looking at my lost girl.” He spoke softly and looked deep into my eyes before leaning forward to kiss, but couldn’t because of my hand on his mouth.

“Stop buttering and tell me where you are taking me,” I demanded. He motioned with his eyes at my hand, so I withdrew it to let him speak.

“Somewhere special,” he replied.

“Special?” I asked with a frown.

He tightened his grip around my waist and said, “Yes!”

“May I know about the special place’s name?”

“Cole’s birthday party,” he answered.

“Cole?” I asked, and he nodded nervously, sucking his lips.

“Then I’m not going anywhere,” I said and jerked his hand from my waist.

“Aliana, he loved you, don’t you think he deserves you at his party?”

My eyes widened at his statement.

“Wow, how sweet of you,” I said with a bogus smile. “Someone should give you a reward for this,” I added, patting his shoulder.

“Thanks,” he replied, earning himself a slap on his forearm.

“How can you be so stupid? You already know that Cole is the one who used to propose to me in our college days,” I said, getting both irritated and angry.

“So what crime has he committed by proposing to you?” he asked gently like it was nothing. I glared at him in disbelief before turning to go inside, but he swiftly held me from behind.


“Let go of me, Evan,” I said, attempting to move.

Setting his chin on my neck crook he said, “I’m kidding...there’s no party.” I glanced at him doubtfully from the corner of my eye“Don’t you trust me?”

“A girl like me can’t trust a boy like you,” I replied, looking straight forward.

He chuckled before saying, “First, you’re 26 and I’m 26.8. We aren’t boy and g—”

“Whatever.” I cut him off.

“And second, I’m serious about taking you someplace special.”

“Where?” I asked. He sighed and shifted me to face him as he asked, “Can you explain why we call a surprise a surprise?”

“Okay, fine,” I agreed with this he bent down and picked me up in his arms in a bridal style.

“I don’t want you to walk,” he tells as he brought me towards the parking lot.

When we reached, he dropped me down gently and whispered in my ear, “Surprise!”

I enthusiastically looked around but received nothing, frown a little I looked back at him who smiled mysteriously I again sought thus he placed his hands on my shoulder and swung me where I saw a car.

My frown deepen as I looked at it, but he chuckled.

“This is the surprise babes” He announced by gesturing at the car I looked at him with wide eyes before.

“Oh, my god... It’s... It’s b-beautiful” I said, beaming.

“You like lengthy drives so I thought to buy a car for you” As soon as he said I ran towards it followed by him.

“It’s beautiful, I love it,“.

“It’s a Toyota Camryn, I knew you’ll love it”.

“Thanks for this fantastic surprise”.

“What is this Aliana, only thanks?” He asks before I could react his lips were on mine.

Kissing me gently he murmured over my lips.

“I love you, baby,“.

“I love you, too,” I said before deepening the kiss.


Hey! guy’s hope you like the first chapter of my second book

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