And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 11

Kat and Lizzie cut through a vacant lot in the direction of the lake. They followed a trail among some brush, leading towards the lake. Suddenly, they could not believe their eyes! “What’s this doing here?” asked Lizzie, touching the ten-foot high, chain-link fence.

“I don’t know,” says Kat looking around, until she saw a sign posted on the fence a few feet to her right. “Come on,” added Kat. “Let’s take a look at this sign.”

“NO!” screams Lizzie reading the words on the sign, “Private property…Miller Corporation…just who does he think he is?”

“God,” replied Kat.

“Very funny,” stormed Lizzie. “Well…he may think he owns this town, but he doesn’t own me.”

“Lizzie…what are you doing?” replied Kat, watching Lizzie toss her skateboard over the fence into a small creek. “No one is going to tell me what to do. I’ll do what I want,” cried Lizzie, climbing up the fence like a monkey. Kat looked up at Lizzie. “Well…don’t expect me to catch you if you fall. “I’m not going to fall,” gritted Lizzie.

Lizzie climbed to the top and was about to swing her leg over. Suddenly, Kat noticed several men wearing dark suits appear out of nowhere. “Lizzie…get down…now!” hissed Kat.

“No!” sneers Lizzie. “I came this far and I’m going over.”

“Lizzie,” hissed Kat again.

“WHAT!” whined Lizzie glancing down at Kat. Without saying another word, Kat pointed in the direction of the men coming. Slowly…Lizzie glanced in that direction. “Are you serious?” mumbled Lizzie. “Why are there security guards?”

“Get down…now…hurry...I’ll catch you!” said Kat, keeping an eye on the men who were coming closer and closer. The men reached the creek and were getting ready to cross it when Lizzie let go and fell on top of Kat. “I thought you said you would catch me,” mumbled Lizzie,

getting off of Kat, who looked like a rag doll on the ground. “I thought I could,” mumbled Kat, as she did a kickstand to her feet.

The three men had crossed the creek and were standing behind the fence staring directly at the two girls. Kat felt goose bumps rising up on her arms as a cold chill swept over her. She and Lizzie left the area not saying a word, until they reached the end of the trail. “Wow!” exclaimed Lizzie. “That was sure creepy!”

“Sure was,” replied Kat.

“Oh…no…my skateboard,” cried Lizzie, turning around and heading back up the trail. “Lizzie, are you crazy?” said Kat, grabbing Lizzie’s arm. “I want my skateboard,” demanded Lizzie, trying to pull her arm free. “You’re not going back,” said Kat, keeping a firm grip on Lizzie’s arm. When Lizzie realized that Kat was not going to release her, “Okay…you win…I’ll go back another time and get my skateboard…besides…I have my old one at T.J’s house.” “Say…what?” replied Kat releasing Lizzie’s arm while Lizzie fell forward onto the ground. “Hey!” screeched Lizzie. “I already have a busted lip! I sure don’t need another one!” Standing, Lizzie pointed to the blood stain on her t-shirt. “I’m going to have enough trouble getting this stain out. I sure don’t need any more blood on my tee.”

“Well, that’s your fault! I could’ve gone back inside my house to get you something to use; but you’d volunteered to use your t-shirt.”

Plugging up her ears, Lizzie began walking away. “Hey! Where are you going?” asked Kat.

“As far away as I can get from listening to you!” stormed Lizzie.

“You’re not thinking about going back to get your skateboard?”

“Do I look like I’m heading towards the creek?”

“We-l-l, no,” stammered Kat.

“If you must know, Miss-In-My-Business, I’m going to T.J.’s house. I thought I might use their washing machine.”

Kat stood, glaring at Lizzie. “Do you have a concussion or something? T.J. and his mother are gone.”

Lizzie stood her ground, staring back at Kat. “I don’t have a concussion. I know T.J. and his mother just up and split, but their house didn’t! They have lots of food in their refrigerator and to me, it’s what I call, free-for-the-taking!”

“Lizzie! Have you ever heard the word, ‘trespassing?’

Lizzie shrugged her shoulders, mumbling, “So, it means, don’t get caught!” and then decided it was time to end the talking and do some walking, heading in the direction of T. J.’s house.

“WAIT A MINUTE!” yelled Kat. “I thought they moved. Why is the electricity still on?”

“Well, if you want to go postal, not only is their electricity still on, but all of their stuff is still there, including the geek’s laptop.

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