And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 12

The hall, where Kat’s locker was kept, was buzzing with activity. More than once, Kat had to dodge around other students, just to reach her locker. After finally arriving, she saw Joanie standing near it. “There…sure…is a long line to get those tickets to the

dance,” replied Joanie, leaning against a nearby locker.

“SO!” says Kat. “I’m not going and neither…are you?”

Kat opens the door to her locker wondering why Joanie did not make a comment. Glancing over at her cousin, she saw a few tears running down her cheeks. “Oh…my,” she says softly placing a hand on Joanie’s shoulder. “I’m sorry…I forgot how much you cared for T.J.”

“Yeah…well…he said he wanted to take me to the prom…and…now…he’s not here,” she whined, throwing her arms around Kat’s neck. In between trying to catch her breath, she managed to say, “I’m so worried…about him. It’s hard to sleep…at night…wondering why he hasn’t…sent me…an email.”

Gently, Kat removed Joanie’s arms from around her neck so she could breathe, “That’s because he doesn’t have his computer. He left it behind.” Joanie wiped the tears with the back of her hand. “Huh? You mean T.J.’s computer is still in his house. That’s so strange.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kat, staring back at her cousin. “Look,” replied Joanie. “I know T.J. was your wrestling partner, but he was my boyfriend.”

“So…what are you getting at?” asked Kat, placing her books into her locker and taking out her wrestling bag.

“T.J’s most valuable possession is his computer. He wouldn’t have left it behind without having a good reason.”

“You’re right!” said Kat, tossing her wrestling bag back into her locker and added, “Let’s go.” She began to walk towards the exit.

“Where are you going? What about wrestling practice?” exclaimed Joanie, following behind Kat. “I’m skipping wrestling practice,” she said, not stopping, until she saw Jack.

“You’re doing what?” asked Jack, standing only a few feet away holding two dance tickets in his hand. ‘Oh…no,’ thought Kat noticing the tickets. “Did I hear you were skipping wrestling practice?” asked Jack, walking up to Kat and Joanie.

“Well…my dad…um…wants me to come straight home…today…because…um,” stuttered Kat, avoiding eye contact with Jack. “Because…what?” asked Jack.

“Because,” chirped in Joanie. “She needs help with her homework.”

“Well…yeah,” slurs Kat, grabbing Joanie’s arm and rushing out the exit door.

“We need to talk,” yells Jack, watching the two girls run towards the students’ parking lot. He glanced down at the two tickets he was holding and put them in his pocket.

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