And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 13

“This is breaking and entering,” whispered Joanie, looking around while Kat used a screwdriver to remove a screen from a window. “It’s not breaking and entering, because no one lives here,” whispered Kat, laying the screen on the grass. Kat took the screwdriver and pried the window open. “Help me,” she said to Joanie, trying to pull herself through the opening. Joanie gave Kat a boost muttering, “If I see a cop I’m running.”

“Just go to the front door…Joanie…and I’ll let you in,” exclaimed Kat, making her way inside the house towards the front door.” Just as soon as she opened the front door to let Joanie in, Kat heard a noise coming from behind her. “Ahhh! Get out of my house!” screamed a dark figure holding a skateboard.

“Ahhh!” said Joanie, “Don’t kill me!” Joanie took off running towards her car.

Kat tackled the dark figure onto the floor. “OUCH! That hurt!” yelled a familiar voice. “Lizzie…is that you?” asked Kat, rolling off her intended victim. Then, she found the light switch and almost started laughing when she saw Lizzie holding onto her skateboard. “What are you doing here?” yelled Kat.

“Skipping algebra,” moaned Lizzie, slowly getting off the floor.

“Well,” said Kat, “This isn’t your home, so what are you doing here?”

“Wow! You have a short memory! I told you, yesterday, that this is my second home! Free food with no one around! Only an idiot would pass this up!” storms Lizzie, placing her skateboard under her arm.

“Now…just a minute,” mumbles Kat, before being interrupted by Joanie, who storms back inside the house. “This is not your home…Miss High and Mighty,” sneers Joanie. “You’re not setting up residence in T.J’s house.” Furious, Joanie pointed a finger in Lizzie’s face. Lizzie slapped the finger away and raised her skateboard above her head preparing to strike Joanie.

“Put it down! Lizzie,” replied Kat, standing behind her. “But…she started it!” whined Lizzie, placing the skateboard under her arm again.

“I’m not going to stay…if she’s here!” cried Joanie, walking towards the door.

“Well…I guess you’re not going to get T.J.’s computer…then,” replied Kat, watching as Joanie turned around and walked past Lizzie down the hallway towards T.J.’s bedroom. Kat and Lizzie followed her.

T.J.’s laptop computer was on his desk plugged into the nearby wall. “This is strange,” mumbled Joanie. “It’s as if T.J. wanted us to find his laptop.” Joanie sat in a chair turning on the laptop, while Kat and Lizzie stood behind her.

“Hmm,” mumbled Joanie to herself. “He has a blog and I wonder what the password is.”

“Try number one geek,” laughed Lizzie.

“No…it wouldn’t be that,” replied Kat, jarring Lizzie with her elbow. Lizzie screeched. “Will you both shut up…I’m trying to think,” said Joanie, without turning around. Quickly, Kat put her hand over Lizzie’s mouth to prevent her from saying anything. After a few minutes, Joanie cheered. “I’ve got it…Mighty Frog, his favorite videogame.”

“I didn’t know they had a videogame about frogs,” mumbled Lizzie, taking a peek at the screen.

“Oh…my,” replied Joanie, after reading several entries on T.J.’s blog. “He’s really in trouble. Mr. Miller threatened him about hanging around the creek. Hmm…T.J. found some frogs and without any back legs. He thinks they were born that way.” Before Joanie could read anymore, all three girls heard a noise coming from outside. “It sounded like a car door. I’m going to take a peek,” said Lizzie.

“I’ve got a bad feeling,” replied Kat.

“Me…too,” added Joanie closing up the laptop.

Lizzie ran back in saying, “It’s the popo.” Grabbing her skateboard, “I’m out-of-here.” Lizzie hit the street riding on her skateboard.

“There she is,” yelled a police officer.

“Well…get back in the car…and we’ll get her. She won’t escape this time,” replied his partner.

Kat and Joanie waited for the sound of the police siren to fade in the distance before saying anything. “Gosh,” said Joanie, carrying the laptop while Kat opened the screen door, “I’m sure glad I parked down the road…otherwise…they would have known we were trespassing, too.”

“Yeah, and Lizzie sure made a great decoy,” said Kat.

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