And There Will Be BLOOD!

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Chapter 14

The next day at wrestling practice Kat had trouble setting up the mat by herself wondering where was Jack. “Need any help?” sneered Slim, standing a few feet away. “No…get away from me,” replied Kat bending down to slide the mat closer to the wall. “Are you sure?” asked Slim. “After all…lover boy is not here.”

“He’ll be here. He’s just running a little late. So, if you know what’s best, you’ll keep your distance,” replied Kat, glaring at him down.

“Huh? Well, you might try being nicer. Otherwise, I’ll tell my dad to follow through with his plan in getting rid of you and lover boy!”

“LEAVE! Or, I’ll scream!”

Slim grinned and slowly walked away. Kat kept her eye on him, not sure if he’d sneak up on her, while her back was turned.

Kat began a warm-up routine and was on her thirtieth sit-up when Jack appeared. “Where have you been?” asked Kat, glancing up at him. “Who are you my mother?” laughed Jack, grabbing her arm to help her up. Staring into her eyes, he added, “I missed you yesterday. I wanted to talk to you about the dance.

“Oh,” Kat replied, pulling away from him. “Oh…yeah…the dance…well…you see…I…um.”

“You’re going…right.”

Staring at the wall to avoid looking at him, “Well…Jack…I don’t have a dress.”

“Really…so if you have a dress…you’ll go.”

“Well…yeah…but I don’t…so I can’t go,” muttered Kat, still facing the wall.

“Can you look at me?” whispered Jack, breathing on her neck. Kat faced him. Noticing the golden specks in his blue eyes had her nearly gasping for air. She placed a hand on his chest, pushing him away. “Why don’t you bother Ashlie? I’m sure she has a dress.”

“I don’t want to go with Ashlie. I want to go with you.”

“I just told you I’m not going. So…if you want to go…ask someone else,” stuttered Kat, and walked away.

“Hey…where are you going?” asked Jack, watching her head towards the exit.

“To the restroom…so I can get away from you!” muttered Kat.

“Well…okay…hurry back…then,” yelled Jack.

Opening the door to the restroom, Kat nearly ran into Ashlie. “Look where you’re going!” Ashlie sneered. Then, suddenly Ashlie blocked the doorway. “So, I heard you’re going to the dance with Jack…huh?”

“Well…you heard…wrong!” mumbled Kat, knocking Ashlie’s arm away. “I wouldn’t be caught dead at that dance.”

Clutching Kat’s arm, “You want to go…you just can’t afford a dress. Well…that’s too bad. I guess I’ll see Jack after practice.”

“I said I’m not going to the dance, so get your hand off me, NOW! Or there will be blood!” growled Kat. Ashlie dropped her hand, backing away, until she reached the door, opened it, and before closing it behind her, “Well, it looks like Jack will be going to the dance with me, after all.”

Kat shrugged off Ashlie’s remark, as she stood at the sink. After all, she didn’t own Jack. If he wanted to go with Mr. Toad’s daughter, that was up to him. Glancing at her face in the mirror, she mumbled, “First, it was Slim and now Ashlie. I need a change of scenery. I think I’ll tell Coach Wallace I’m not feeling well and need to go home.” Kat walked over to her locker in the dressing room to get her belongings. As soon as she opened the door, she gasped. Her face turned beet red as she slammed the door to her locker and then stormed out of the restroom. Kat didn’t stop until she pushed Jack down onto the mat.

“What’s your problem? Forgot your Midol?” grinned Jack, staring up at her. “I can’t accept that dress and you know it!” she hissed.

“And, why not? Wasn’t it the one you liked?” he replied, doing a kickstand off the mat. “I just can’t…that’s all,” she whispered, getting into a referee position. Jack squatting behind her replied, “Well…I can’t take it back. It was on sale. I guess I’ll have to wear it to the dance…myself.”

While putting a half-Nelson on Kat, Jack heard her giggle before she tried an elbow tuck. Jack grabbed her ankle causing her to lose her balance. Kat, lying on her stomach, was flipped over by Jack’s next move. Pinning her to the mat Jack asked, “Do you give up?”

“Sure,” she grinned. “I’ll go to the dance with you.”

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